Pyaara Dost

Pyaara Dost

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  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Pyaara Dost torrent reviews

KJ L (kr) wrote: Bad acting, flopping story line and amateurish direction. A mediocre production to fulfil Donnie Yen's dream as a producer.

Steve C (kr) wrote: This is a witty, cute and entertaining movie. The cinematography is wonderful and shows a side of China rarely seen on the big screen.

Victoria L (au) wrote: So successful yet so depressed.

August M (jp) wrote: "Time destroys everything." A technically audacious film that isn't entirely successful, Irreversible is still a powerful film about the randomness and utter destruction of violence. The first 25 minutes features some of the most nausea-inducing camera movements I've ever seen. it did, however, make the violence feel even more blunt, random, and, overall, effective. Still, Irreversible's final message is incredibly bleak and dour. Noe seems to say justice is simply wishful thinking.

Paul D (ca) wrote: Wonderful first live outing for the Hammersmith lads. Looser than the television show but great for it.

Larissa N (br) wrote: good slice-of-life story that interweaves the experiences of an array of l.a. suburbanites. quite a few of big names in this flick.

Nathan W (ru) wrote: I'm quite the fan of Martin Scorsese but I've never seen Taxi Driver up until now, De Niro was great as I thought he would be in this as I heard this movie was a classic and it did not disappoint.

Paul D (nl) wrote: It's not just an excuse to play the song over the title music, as a warfilm it is solid.

William W (it) wrote: Although a comparatively minor work of theirs, I really enjoyed the Marx Brothers in this one, in which they're trying to stay with room and board, along with all of their cast and crew, while waiting for funds for their stage play to come in. Nice early showcase for Lucille Ball and Ann Miller too, in minor supporting roles. If you get the chance, don't miss out on this one.

neil L (jp) wrote: Truly a wonderful film, one of the greatest films about slavery.

Waleed A (mx) wrote: YEAH BABY YEAH! One of the funniest movies ever. So many parts made me die laughing. Austin Powers and Dr. Evil are two of the funniest characters ever (about 4 viewings)

Becs D (ru) wrote: A brilliant theatrical interpretation of the mind of britains most infamous prisoner, a fantastic performance by Tom Hardy

Bruce W (mx) wrote: It's flaws are many and obvious, but the performances of Sienna Miller and Guy Pierce are so good! But where was her leopard skin pillbox hat?