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Chuck H (es) wrote: Zero stars would be more accurate. I love cheesy horror, but this was beyond cheesy. It was just stupid. To say the characters were cardboard cutouts is an insult to cardboard. There were so many things left unexplained, the movie was really an 88 minute trailer. And the decisions and reactions the characters made were laughable, except this wasn't supposed to be a SCREAM-type spoof.Four of the five characters began with the standard amount of my sympathy, but by the 3/4 point I was hoping all of the characters would be killed off to prevent them from further infecting the nation's gene pool. Knowing that I was actually pulling for the hillbilly retard killer wearing a patchwork pig's head was the best indication possible that I was emotionally done with this movie.And the fifth character, the brother of one of the girls, what was his deal? He is so strange he can't stand his 20-something-year-old sister having a boyfriend, to the point that he forces himself on an overnight camping trip with his sister, her boyfriend, and another couple. Can you spell SIBLING SEX WEIRDNESS?This movie is not worth watching. You can't get those 88 minutes of your life back, so spend them on something more enjoyable, even if that's just staring into a mirror and watching your hair grow.

Michael H (au) wrote: A sweet, charming film with marvelous little (in a good way) performances. Fells like you just dropped in for a visit and happened to catch Gianni in the midst of patiently placating his family and neighbors and working out a series of mini-crises.

Ori S (ag) wrote: exciting movie. Eric Cantona the great footballer, presents some good life philosophy.

Renan P (de) wrote: Meme si ils vont parfois un peu trop loin, Delepine et de Kervern nous offre une superbe comedie satirique et tirent sur le moindre politiquement correct. Yolande Moreau est comme d'habitude excellente. De petites surprises au casting.

Gaurav D (gb) wrote: It is funny as to when you put yourself in these directors shoes you can start predicting what the storyline should be for them to make an impact in the 10-15 minutes that they have. I liked Rice Plate, Gubbare, Zahir, Rise and Fall, and Matrimony in that order both in terms of direction and performances. The rest were ranging from watchable to outright bad, the worse being Sex on the beach. Good DVD watch.

Gregory M (au) wrote: Typical George Clooney Movie, BORING!!!!!!!!!

Pinklama R (ag) wrote: it would suck less if usher was out of the picture,wait no ,it would still suck...

Matteo N (jp) wrote: Too bad. An interesting plot, that could have been revolted around the irony of loving something that can't love back, has just become an ignorant show of (impressive) post-production with tons of quotes from manga-culture.The movie is worth watching indeed, but they really missed the chance to make something more than an action-blade runner.

Lisa F (ag) wrote: Phatness! Meh deh pon a mission!

Tyler P (it) wrote: Malgr l'excellente cascade finale, a n'est pas terrible.

Ola G (jp) wrote: Arkady Renko (William Hurt) is the chief investigator for the Militia in Moscow. After a triple homicide in Gorky Park, where the bodies have been mutilated beyond recognition, Renko starts his investigation. He realises soon enough that no one really wants him to solve the crime because it is just the tip of a complex conspiracy which involves the highest levels of the Moscows government officials and an american named Jack Osborne (Lee Marvin). Based on Martin Cruz Smiths novel, this is an ok thriller with big names such as Wiliam Hurt, Brian Dennehy and Lee Marvin. Its a shame that the production team were never allowed to film in Moscow (the cold war was still on) so they had to shoot it in Helsinki. I reckon the majestic scenery of Moscow would have given the movie a nice layer. The fact that people speak english and not russian (or at least tries), adds a bit of a comic effect when some actors has a very broad english accent. This is a pretty big minus I would say. Apparently nobody cared back in 1983... The acting becomes as well a bit stiff and theatrical at times. And the ending is, well not that exciting. However, "Gorky Park" has its moments.

Ashley H (jp) wrote: Never So Few is a decent film. It is about Captain Tom Reynolds and his band of skilled O.S.S. operatives who are in WWII Burma to train the Kachin natives in modern warfare. Frank Sinatra and Peter Lawford give good performances. The screenplay is a little slow in places. John Sturges did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the drama.

Paul G (ru) wrote: Felt like I was watching a PlayStation game intro, even down to the cheesy lines. Still....I got through it. There was enough to keep an interest.

Tim R (au) wrote: Watch it again, and it will be 10x better then you remember. Except for the ending 80's music thing... except for that.

Kevin M W (mx) wrote: Wanted to like this little indie zombie apocalypse that focuses more on the strain of simply surviving rather than horror ...but it doesn't really go anywhere.