Sleepy New Haven California is a small town with a big problem. A sixty foot slithering horror has arrived and shattered the town's tranquillity on it's path of death and destruction... Growing violent and more savage with each attack the gigantic creature soon becomes an unstoppable feeding machine raging beyond control of it's creator, leaving only the stripped bones of it's victims in it's wake.

Developed by the military, a massive snake escapes from its pen and stalks the residents of a small town. The locals must find a way to eliminate the snake with the help of a scientist who knows about the snake and terminates it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Python torrent reviews

Jacob M (nl) wrote: A dark and eerie film that depicts man on the brink of insanity, even when he believes he's on top of the world.

Michael L (es) wrote: Messed up movie. It was an interesting story of a boy growing up in a tough situation.

Adam R (br) wrote: Very intense! It's the same old story as in any other slasher movie, but I was frightened and uneasy throughout it. (First and only viewing - October 2006 in theaters)

Kaila R (br) wrote: I can't decide if I liked this one more than the first one or not... but it is defiantly a cool movie!

Tracy O (ca) wrote: this movie actually suprised me as it actually had a strong story line and plot..even with the puppets

Ana A (nl) wrote: It's so emotional, and there's definitely more to the plot than you think there is at first. The characters work great together too.

Matthew D (es) wrote: One of the greatest movies from my childhood! Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss are perfect together

Peter J (kr) wrote: Loving and revealing at the same time. It is great to see four masters at work: Chuck Berry, musical director Keith Richards, Johnnie Johnson and Steve Jordan. This quote by Keef says it all: "He gave me more headaches than Mick Jagger, but I still can't dislike him."

Phantasm G (br) wrote: A very cool and stylish crime thriller that I forgot about since i was a kid...used to love these movies (they made a 2nd film) and even though it appears dated it is original enough to stand on its own.

David S (us) wrote: As film critic Roger Ebert famously said, "Sooner or later, everyone who loves movies comes to Ozu." I, along with many others, was introduced to Ozu through his film "Tokyo Story" which I still consider to be one of my favorite films ever made. "Floating Weeds" is merely a tick behind it. The film, remade from an even earlier silent film by Ozu, is about a traveling theater group near the end of their line. Funds and energy are at their limits and the leader of the group "coincidentally" winds up in the same town he'd met a women in years previous and had a child with. Not only that, but the child, now a young adult doesn't know who his father is and believes the leader of the group to be his Uncle. Well, the story plays out from here in true Ozu fashion. The film is simply gorgeous to look at. One of the few Ozu films to be made in color will have you wishing he would've been able to make more. The characters are interesting enough to hold most peoples attention, but this is not for everyone. If you're interested in investigating art-house cinema, Japanese culture, or just love movies, I certainly recommend it. For an extra treat, I recommend a viewing of the Criterion Collection DVD with audio commentary by Roger Ebert himself, very informative...

DeadHead m (jp) wrote: A drive-in B-movie classic.

Randy T (de) wrote: Dr. Alexander Thorkel has discovered a way to use radiation to shrink pigs, horses and other assorted animals to a fraction of their former size. Obsessed with this new discovery and paranoid that his colleagues will steal his invention, he decides to shrink them as well. I caught this one on late-night television many, many years ago and absolutely loved it. Albert Dekker is the ultimate "mad scientist" in this Technicolor extravaganza of campy dialog and extraordinary special effects.

Rich S (fr) wrote: I'm not sure why this movie received such bad reviews. It was a great story about family and friends surviving during the collapse of civilization.

Ebony S (de) wrote: Best thing about the film is the dog!!! No one paid the poor pup any mind at the end there!! :0(But he's a champion pup!!! ;0)

Nacho S (nl) wrote: Ni fu ni fa, no cala

Spore H (ru) wrote: Stupid in a good way, the bad boss and his henchman steal the show.

Rick B (kr) wrote: This actually wasn't as dumb as you'd think. Yes, it involves a creepy doll in a creepy old English mansion. But Maggie from Walking Dead was the star, and she did an admirable job acting opposite the doll. The twist at the end was somewhat redeeming ... worth a watch if you have nothing else to do.

Lesley N (mx) wrote: A strange film. I kind of liked it. Good acting, especially in an early role by John Turturro. Excellent acting by the penguins too. Quirky, unconnected stories that connect up in the end. Kind of.