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Quality Street

In the 1810s, an old maid poses as her own niece in order to teach her onetime beau a lesson.

In the 1810s, an old maid poses as her own niece in order to teach her onetime beau a lesson. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Calvin M (es) wrote: The Muppets always please.

subash t (au) wrote: Times of India: A film like " Businessman" is a cause for celebration, simply because it does away with forced comic interjections in the narrative. For once, the comedy in a mainstream Telugu flick is all situational without being slapstick. The humor is dry and loaded with sarcasm, taking pot shots on everything under the sun, but does the job nevertheless evoking peals of laughter. Kudos to director Puri Jagannath for coming up with those lines. And then there is Mahesh Babu, in full flow at that. "Round off chesi confuse cheyalanukuntunnara. Confusion lo inka ekkuva kottestha... " goes a punch dialogue. "Matladaniki vacchanu kabatti, manasaupurthy ga kottatledu..." goes another. As far humor goes it is definitely a step up. Some would say that the punch dialogues in "Businessman" are even better, wackier and quirkier than "Pokiri". The must haves of a Mahesh Babu pot-boiler are dutifully ticked off, rather well at that. Five minutes into the film, you get the feeling you are going to enjoy this one, and the feeling stays on till the end. Coming to the story, there isn't any. Mahesh plays Surya Bhai, who moves to Mumbai with a single point agenda - that of becoming the undisputed don of the business capital's underworld. It happens to be a time when Mumbai is enjoying a relatively crime-free phase with all the mafia kingpins being nabbed, much to the glee of Nassar, the commissioner of Police. His happiness proves to be short lived as Surya begins to recruit all the goons in the city. He calls his gang Surya Exports and Imports. He soon starts to cut deals with all and sundry - small time businessmen to the biggest politicians, even the Prime Minister. He corporatizes the whole business of mafia and gradually grows to become a rule unto himself. He has a little flashback too which is revealed towards the end. Chitra (Kajal Aggarwal) is the daughter of the Police Commissioner. She also happens to be Surya's love interest. The much-hyped lip-lock also turns out fine. "Businessman" is a typical Puri Jagannath film loaded with attitude and style. The narrative moves along at a breakneck speed hardly giving you time to catch your breath. The action is gritty and realistic without going overboard. The leading lady, Kajal plays the eye-candy to perfection, albeit not having the 'Ileana' kind of impact in "Pokiri". Guess you cannot help but compare this one to the 2006 blockbuster, for this is the first time Puri and Mahesh have come together since "Pokiri". As far as the performances go, Mahesh takes the cake. He had the author- backed role but, still enlivens the whole movie with an intense performance. The climax scene is especially rivetting as Mahesh switches from anger to comedy effortlessly. This must be one of his best performances if not the best. Mahesh literally carries the film from the start to the end. The supporting cast including Sayaji Shinde, Prakash Raj and Subba Raju do justice to their roles. Music by Thaman is good and the background score stands out, amplifying the experience. The film scores high on production values and visual imagery. All in all, it's an unpretentious entertainer that manages to strike the right balance. It might not be a cinematic wonder but sure has enough in it to keep you interested till the end. How much you like the movie might just be a matter of how fond you are of Mahesh Babu.

Kaitlyn B (us) wrote: gosh...i might want to see it if it had the right orlando in it....

Daida V (mx) wrote: This movie seems sooo goood !!!!!!!!! I really wanna see it

Nat Z (de) wrote: Go into this one with a caffeine buzz and an attention span--you will be rewarded. "Colossal Youth", part-documentary, part-fiction, follows Ventura, an impoverished retiree, through the streets of Lisbon as he meets with his many sons and daughters. Stark, bare rooms--shot in video--have never looked more incredible.

Christopher A (fr) wrote: Come on - the mere use of the word "Boo" as a title should be signal enough to stop making cookie-cutter nu-horror flicks.

David S (kr) wrote: A hilarious movie showing some aspects of the army that are simply enjoyable. Martin presents his best in this movie.

Simon D (gb) wrote: I remember seeing some trailers for this and expected it to be a good film about the lack of logic in modern life. For the start of the film it was like this, it was also dubiously taking a bit of a right-wing look at America but then they balanced that out by throwing in a nasty nazi character, so that's ok then. I was very disappointed by the ending, It sort of went from a good start to a typical US action film which was a real shame.

Chris A (gb) wrote: I thought this was one of Eastwood's better performances. The movie wasn't huge at the box-office, but his cop-character was as stellar as ever. He heroically tracks a serial killer, and the chase scene in the end is memorable.

The C (au) wrote: I will have to give this film a 3.5 star rating. To me, this was an ok movie. The visual effects were good for its time, the acting was great, and the plot was ok. The problem with this film was that it started to get uninteresting to watch after a while. However, I enjoyed watching the ending of this film. This was a pretty good finish to the original Star Wars trilogy.

Kyle B (gb) wrote: Fun film with a great performance from Jane Fonda. Don't know how Lee Marvin A. Won an Oscar for this B. Considered the Lead. Great song "The Ballad of Cat Ballou"

Akramul i (mx) wrote: William Holden is my favourite actor. He talked in a cynical, clear attitude that was the star of all his films. But he wasn't full of himself, he was aware of his surroundings and people around him, putting everything together and resolving everything with his stance that wins everyone's hearts. I always thought this would be great for a noir detective: but this film did one better and proven me right. An officer takes the blame of being a rat, but the cold shoulder doesn't affect him, then in a matter of minutes he exposes the real rat and escapes from his POW camp, and all while being a true movie hero! And for that, everyone knew what was capable of and rightly gave him his Academy Award For Best Actor.

Dan K (ru) wrote: lots and lots of whiskey... until they run out.

John D (mx) wrote: fight club, but shit :)

Gman H (it) wrote: Bloody & disgustingly brilliant!Eh bah gum.[7.5/10]

Shelby F (mx) wrote: Everybody loves a good romantic comedy with lots of laughs and a happy ending. Some favorites over the years are When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and 10 Things I Hate About You. So the question is does Pretty Woman get to join these other wonderful romantic comedies? Now although this movie does have some funny moments, it has a more serious and dramatic feeling to it most of the time. So, no this movie does not quite fulfill the requirements for a romantic comedy; although, this movie is a genuine entertainment and fulfills the "romantic drama" genre very well. This movie makes you think about your values and how you feel about a lot of issues they involve within the lives of the main characters, and it makes you experience many different feelings. Uniquely, it does have some comedic moments in it along with the other dramatic moments I previously mentioned. It wants the audience to be completely drawn in by the mystery and drama yet it has to ease the tension some times by making them laugh. In this movie Julia Roberts plays a hooker named Vivian Ward; not only is Julia Roberts one of the best romantic comedy actress' she plays this role outstandingly. She then meets incredibly hunky and most wanted bachelor Edward Lewis played by Richard Gere. He is driving through Hollywood Boulevard when he finds himself completely lost trying to get back to his hotel in Beverly Hills. So he sees the lovely Vivian standing on the corner and asks for directions. Being a hooker she offers him directions, but at a cost of $20, classic move. He lets her in his very expensive car and away they go off to Beverly Hills. Not only is Edward incredibly handsome he is very wealthy as well, so when they get to the hotel Vivian is star struck and the attraction is tied; the rest is history.I was disappointed by the fact that it's not a very funny comedy since I was excited to slump down on my couch with a bucket of popcorn ready to laugh for the next two hours. In the aspects of a romantic drama though the movie was outstanding and I did not regret watching it. So, if you're ready to sit down and watch a genuinely funny film I would not suggest Pretty Woman, although if you wish to see a film full of romance and intimacy this is perfect for you and you will not be disappointed. I suggest to all audiences out there, if you watch a movie titled as a "comedy" don't be discouraged because you aren't laughing so hard your stomach hurts, but instead try to be optimistic because you could come across your new favorite movie.