A gang of bank robbers with a posse in hot pursuit. Riding into the desert, they take refuge in Quantez, a small town they find deserted. Their horses tired and near death, they’re forced to stay the night — with the plan to cross the border into Mexico the next day.

Gang of robbers heads for Mexican border, meets unexpected opposition along the way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Quantez torrent reviews

Robert C (au) wrote: Pretty entertaining as far as one man shows go.

Aaron G (fr) wrote: I'll admit I started Ace Attorney with an almighty fear in my gut; the jist of the popular video game would simply not translate well to film. Luckily, the game has not only made the transfer to film, but it manages to do so in-addition of being an entertaining feature.Among the stronger aspects of the adaptation is its visual style, which it uses to completely set the semi-ridiculous tone. Any fan of the series will tell you not to take the games completely serious due to the "turnabout" natures of the cases, and the film understands this completely. The giant futuristic computers set in the public courts create the blatantly silly aura Ace Attorney needs. Silly hairstyles, over the top shouting and large CG setpieces are frequent throughout the film.Hiroki Narimiya's performance came off strange to me, as it's almost wholly separate from the Phoenix Wright portrayed in the games. On its own it's he does a decent job of creating a sympathetic character, but not one who is easy to relate to. Mirei Kiritani's performance as Maya Fey, however, is disappointing. She virtually has no character in the film and is massively unrepresented in the mass of the arc. Most of the other actors do a fine job, but none of them particularly stand out, a shame considering the material.Ultimately the wacky antics of Phoenix Wright and his group of crazy lawyer helpers and villains won me over. Fans of the games will be delighted by the little details included in, but disappointed in the shortened narrative and smaller changes to the story and characters. Viewers new to the series should find the movie fun, but of little consequence.

Dustin T (de) wrote: A Christmas movie similar to Groundhog day.

Emmanuel V (mx) wrote: Des hors-la-loi sudistes qui tirent sur tout ce qui bouge aident une bonnasse a recuperer son fils (des griffes d'un grand mechant). Voila l'histoire. Et puis c'est tout.On a droit aux cliches habituels dont l'amerique aime a faire talage (le sudiste rebel, le boss renoi faineant, la pouff latino dont l'ex est un salop et dont le fils est handicap en passant par le jeune flic de fbi incorruptible aux dents longues venu de la ville pour mettre de l'ordre)...Carton rouge aussi a l'ideologie sous-jacente du film qui se positionne clairement comme un vigilant movie sudiste (s'il n'y avait le boss noir de la police, on pourrait considerer l'ensemble comme une propagande du KKK)...Alors, pourquoi coller la moyenne a ce truc? Ben parce que ca fonctionne, cinematographiquement parlant. Des acteurs finalement pas degueux (les principaux en tout cas), des gun fight en veut tu en voila (mon pecher mignon, c'est vrai) plutot bien realises, une fotographie facon BD du plus bel effet et le tout servi avec une dose XXL de testosteroneMachete style, le mauvais esprit en plus :p

Channa M (ru) wrote: Brit flick, pretty good and I was pleasantly suprised!

Dennis R (jp) wrote: Authentic feeling, well made and acted film yet one which I didn't find particularly interesting and failed to emotionally engage me.

Charlie G (fr) wrote: We all wish Superman never returned to the big screen.

Aramide O (ru) wrote: A bit of a hit and miss

Tom W (mx) wrote: Feel good kick ass movie. A couple of flaws in the script, but non the less a feel good kick ass movie.

AD v (es) wrote: considering its wooden acting and standard storyline the high critic rating greatly surprises me

Carmen V (kr) wrote: Male ver. of Cinderella

Cal V (fr) wrote: One of the most original films to come out that year with great performances and witty dialogue. So bizarre yet still manages to always still be entertaining.

Tony D (nl) wrote: An Intense story of what could you do in order to have everything

Duncan K (ag) wrote: Superman is probably the superhero most difficult to give a compelling story, but this film succeeds because the conflict of his idealism vs Manchester Black's cynicism isn't a problem he can just punch away.

Frances H (ca) wrote: Although the plot seems interesting in the beginning, as the movie goes further the plot becomes murky and so does the cinematography.

Shawn W (gb) wrote: Yet another tour de force production from AIP director Prior. A mercenary training camp 75 miles outside of Los Angeles picks up victims from the city to use as live runners to train their men. Training seems to be going well until they unknowingly kidnap a former top mercenary to use as a runner, who leaves a trail of dead bodies among those hunting him down. No surprise to see Cameron Mitchell here.

Amber T (au) wrote: I wish I could rate this lower than 1... >:(