A television reporter and her cameraman are trapped inside a building quarantined by the CDC after the outbreak of a mysterious virus which turns humans into bloodthirsty killers.

Television reporter Angela Vidal and her cameraman are assigned to spend the night shift with a Los Angeles Fire Station and then get trapped inside a building quarantined by the CDC, after the outbreak of a mysterious virus which turns humans into bloodthirsty killers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ed C (ru) wrote: One line summary: Fairy tales done very well using an old style and modern techniques.--------------------------------------------- The film breaks into six separate adventures. Night of the Werewolf. Being a prince and a werewolf in the 15th century. Happy ending on this one; murderous deceit receives justice instead of monetary reward. Jon Jon and Beauty Not Knowing. On a Caribbean island, Jon Jon explores a deep cave which is the country of the dead. The only other living being is the princess whose name is Beauty Not Knowing. Jon Jon befriends the 3 monsters he was warned to kill. The father of the princess sets him three tasks. The 3 monsters help him through the final tests. Jon Jon goes back to his girl friend in the land of the living. The City of Gold. The Boy saves The Girl from being a human sacrifice, but at a cost. Tom-Tom Boy. Set in a village in the African bush. Everyone in the village tells Tom-Tom Boy to learn something useful, and to get lost in the meantime. He saves an old man's life out in the wild. This man is the custodian of the magic tom-tom, 'whose rhythms no one can resist.' He plays for the custodian, who teaches him to do more with it. The Boy Who Never Lied. Set in Tibet. Two king each wager half their kingdoms on whether or not the Boy can be made to lie. The princess volunteers to help her father get the Boy to lie. The Boy's horse speaks; the princess' mare can sing. The lying princess acts sick, and claims that she must eat the heart of his talking horse. The horse, Melonge, gives up his life so that his heart can be claimed. The Boy serves up the heart, but the princess leaves with the heart untouched. Ah, sadness. But the Boy and his king are rewarded, and the princess admits the vileness of what she has done. The Young Doe and the Architect's Son. Zachariac, the sorcerer, has a young ward, Maud, who falls in love with the architect's son, Thibault. Thibault climbs Zachariac's dread tower to rescue Maud. He encourages her to agree to marry Zachariac, with the understanding that Thibault will interrupt the process before it is complete. Thibault and Maud escape via a secret trapdoor in the cathedral. Zachariac renounces Maud, and changes her into a doe who only runs from Thibault. Thibault and his father's friend find the palace of a fairy ally of the architect. Can the complete the resolution?-------Scores-------Art/Animation: 10/10 Though only in one style, wonderful throughout.Sound: 10/10 No problems. Liked the incidental music.Acting: 10/10 Beautifully voiced.Screenplay: 10/10 Difficult and wonderful.

Xander M (au) wrote: The book is actually enjoyable but this piece of crap is a disgrace to that book don't watch this movie just read the book

Steve D (ag) wrote: Knightly steels the show in an intriguing though not factual take on two of psychology's greatest figures.

Todd P (nl) wrote: I rented this because I liked the Afro Samurai cartoons on Spike and because the RZA (from Wu-Tang) did the soundtrack. As the cartoons were, "Resurrection" is dark and bloody (lots of heads and limbs hacked off and bodies chopped to pieces in extremely graphic ways too disturbing to mention outside of anime). While the cartoons focused on Afro's search revenge, "Resurrection" focuses on his acceptance of responsibility (both as Number One and Number Two).As with the first one, I find it a little hard to take the Teddy Bear robot all that seriously. Is it RZA's (and the animator's) way of acknowledging Kanye West (whose pre-Autotunes production style owes so much to RZA and Wu-Tang)?

Caleb H (mx) wrote: Lake Placid 2 is probably as borderline retarded as anyone could reasonably expect a sequel to Lake Placid would be. Basically, this is a Sci-Fi Channel movie with a franchise name attached to it. The damn thing could have been called Dino Croc and nobody would have noticed the difference. You get pretty much what you expect from movies of this sort; lousy visual effects, a few token breasts thrown in for the sixth graders who talked dad into renting it, a paper thin plot, and actors looking to make a quick buck. The sad part of all this is that Cloris Leachman's Sadie Bickerman is more well-developed than Betty White's crazy old bat in the original film. If you're in the mood to watch a giant croc tear shit up, go rent Rogue, because LP2 manages to even fuck up the gore. Oh sure, there are trademark shots of missing arms, and a nice decapitation of one REALLY annoying character towards the end, but it's all done in such a poor, haphazard manner that I didn't really give a shit. When the crocs appeared to me to be Colorforms attached to the print, I knew I was in for a looooong movie. Sure, animal attack film aficionados typically don't care how bad a movie is as long as it features a few animal attacks, but this is just garbage.

Stephanie D (ag) wrote: Based on a true story. Words that always help a movie that drags seem more interesting. Mr. Ellis did a nice thing and deserves the props.

bob t (it) wrote: A movie you can watch with your wife.

Matthieu V (ru) wrote: Pas mon Chaplin prfr mais faut dire qu'il russit toucher dans ce drame amoureux.

Jussi M (de) wrote: Miten taas erehdyin thn "reality-found footage-hand held camera" genreen... AAAARGHH!