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Quarta B

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Cynthia S (es) wrote: Epic movie..really well done. Beautifully filmed -- Avatar coming to life in the real world. Certainly as violent as any movie ever made, but done in a way that it did not seem out of place with all the action. I am thankful that this story has been told, and told well.

Joe H (gb) wrote: Nice (second) conclusion

Jussi M (au) wrote: Ei todellakaan parasta Seagalia tm. Lisksi muut nyttelijt kiusallisen huonoja. Varmaan hankittu kirpputorilta halvalla.

Megan B (mx) wrote: A nordic martial arts film. I never thought this was possi

Darren D (kr) wrote: The ultimate anti-travelogue for Caracas, which will leave you never asking a Venezuelan policeman for directions, deals with the peculiar Latin American custom of express kidnapping, especially prevalent in Venezuelan cities. A yuppie couple spills out in the early morning hours after a night of intense substance abuse only to fall prey to a gang of express kidnappers whose various motivations range from venal to borderline altruistic. The action takes place over part of a single day in this gritty, hyper-realistic and certainly never dull film. Highly recommended.

Clint B (gb) wrote: Despite likable leads, this is a completely forgettable teen movie from the late 90's, prolly due to its been there seen that plot and awkward clunky dialogue.

Joacim A (br) wrote: This movie changed (a long time ago) the way I look upon Robin Williams capacity as an actor and to those who still doubt that he actually got depth: Check this one out.

Harry W (ag) wrote: Serving as a martial arts film which maintained the Troma Entertainment label, Fist of Fear, Touch of Death was a film which I had hoped would deliver cheap martial arts thrills.Like many low budget martial arts films, Fist of Fear, Touch of Death is another feature which exploits the legacy of Bruce Lee as a means of making the narrative seem more interesting. But while some films that essentially do the same work as guilty pleasures, Fist of Fear, Touch of Death is guilty of nothing more than being a vain piece of filmmaking.The story in Fist of Fear, Touch of Death is nonsensical. While it could have had some potential as an exercise in showing off many martial artists fight each other in the ring, instead it decides to act like some kind of documentary with fictionalised flashbacks. Fist of Fear, Touch of Death pretends to be a documentary about Bruce Lee, but it could not know less about him and tries to use stock footage from multiple film appearances he was in to piece together a life story. Not just that, but Fist of Fear, Touch of Death shows off a severe lack of knowledge regarding martial arts by stating that Bruce Lee's great grandfather was a samurai even though Bruce Lee is Chinese and the samurai are Japanese. Fist of Fear, Touch of Death is largely an insult to Bruce Lee's memory. Though he has nothing to do with the production of the film, that did not stop Fist of Fear, Touch of Death from being plastered with images of Bruce Lee's face all over the promotional material and even using stock footage of him. Though Bruce Lee died seven years prior to the release of Fist of Fear, Touch of Death, his corpse is rolled out for the sake of this film in a thoroughly disrespectful manner. The stock footage of Bruce Lee is used in Fist of Fear, Touch of Death to make up a story by having what he is actually saying dubbed by a terrible voice actor. Everything that Fist of Fear, Touch of Death tries to do in regard to the life of Bruce Lee is just insulting. Fist of Fear, Touch of Death is not a Bruceploitation film, it is little more than an exercise in terrible filmmaking and mocking Bruce Lee's fans. All this is wrong with the film, but the story itself is wasted because even though it is partially about a martial arts tournament it does not string together fighting scenes at any consistent rate whatsoever. The film suggests at the beginning that we will see people like Ron van Clief or cult classic Blaxploitation action star Fred Williamson thrown into the ring, but they are only played off for some kind of half assed comic relief which is the furthest thing from funny. Fist of Fear, Touch of Death is no laughing matter and no viewing pleasure whatsoever.Frankly, Fist of Fear, Touch of Death is too built upon footage from other movies for it to actually stand alone as a film of its own right. It is clear that nothing in the film is realistic because it plays out like a shoddy Asian soap opera with excessive reliance on awkward dubbing. It is such a poorly made film that it is likely to find a cult following with audiences who really enjoy mocking terrible movies, but I found it hard to do that when he film was so insulting to Bruce Lee. But viewers with even the lowest standards can usually find joy in a film like Fist of Fear, Touch of Death if the action in the feature is good. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Although the choreography in the film looked like it had potential, the way that it is filmed is way too awkward. The visual quality of the camera I a little blurry, but that is easy to look past as that is essentially the norm for the genre. What is difficult to ignore is the shoddy placement of the camera. Fist of Fear, Touch of Death makes use of a widescreen camera which is too focused on being horizontal to ever pan up, and in that regard there are many moments during the fight scenes where the limbs of some actors are cut off by the perspective that the camera takes. Even though the fight scenes of the characters in the ring are choreographed well, the filming methods are composed mainly of cameras that stand still and pan slightly to the left or the right at times but never bothering to look up. But I guess that hardly matters because Fist of Fear, Touch of Death maintains minimal original fight scenes anyway. Originality is not a word that I could imagine anyone finding synonymous with Fist of Fear, Touch of Death.Last of all, Fist of Fear, Touch of Death does not live up to the Troma entertainment label due to the fact that it does not have any blood and gore in the film. That label is one that stays with ridiculous exploitation films, ridiculous in the sense that they are over the top with blood and gore while Fist of Fear, Touch of Death lacks either that or even some good action, wasting the infamous legacy of the company that has distributed so many cult classics over the years. However, viewers who consider the quality of Troma films to be lacklustre may find entertainment in Fist of Fear, Touch of Death simply because it is one of the worst films to ever try to squeeze into the Bruceploitation label.So Fist of Fear, Touch of Death is a film which attempts to be both an examination of contemporary fighting and a documentary on the life of Bruce Lee, but while it uses a lot of stock footage of Bruce Lee it is short on facts and high on insults to his legacy while the shortage of action in the film is the nail on the coffin in ensuring that lack of entertainment value.

Jonathan B (es) wrote: Something of a cult movie, Harold and Maude is a comic, sometimes darkly so, movie about an unlikely love affair. Harold is a wealthy young man who has an unhealthy fascination with suicide and death who falls in love with an eccentric 79 year old, Maude, who he meets at a funeral. Maude is a force of nature who cares little for the norms of society. She's flouts the law and creates a kind of carefree havoc wherever she goes. The strength of this movie are the two central performances by Bud Curt and Ruth Gordon who is especially enchanting. This is a likeable oddball comedy romance but there's not really much exploration of why Harold is the way he is which leaves a few too many questions.

Trent M (es) wrote: Not as off-the-wall as I expected for a screwball comedy, but it is still a fun watch with some very thinly-veiled jabs (or uppercuts, as it may be) at the media's circus. The cast is near perfect and look for Margaret Hamilton in a small-town bit and Billy Barty.

Matt M (ca) wrote: I was looking so forward to this movie for so long and was beyond disappointed when I left. Being a lacrosse player I thought I would automatically connect with these guys but this movie was just horrible down to the writing.

Bruno V (mx) wrote: For me this was better then Divergent...

Brian S (br) wrote: 1990s Nightbreed is an anomaly of its time. Being the follow-up to his first film, 1987s Hellraiser, director Clive Barker was expected to continue giving the masses of what he had done previously-showing horrific tales featuring grotesque monsters that cross into the real, living world. Instead, Barker flipped the expected narrative trope and made the heroes the monsters and the "normal" people the villains. This story is presented as a gothic version of "the heroes journey," complimented by a swelling, theatrical score by Danny Elfman and an arc that would surprisingly fit in perfectly with more modern, contemporary super hero films. Viewing Nightbreed with this perspective allows us to see a film that was truly ahead of its time. And like a lot of modern films, Nightbreed both presents a singular story while at the same time planting the narrative seeds for future sequels. With a story that establishes a whole mythology, Barker (who wrote the screenplay based off of his novella Cabel) seems lost in it as much as the viewer and we never receive a full understanding of what is happening (especially during the climax of the film). His attention is evidently geared toward the monsters but the means to fit them in a conceivable way in a filmic sense is forced, hammy and awkward-a representation of the film itself. Nightbreed walks the thin line between "bad" and "campy fun" and when a monster yells, "you all come back now, ya hear," it implies the filmmakers were in on the joke. We never did see the future exploits of The Breed-due to a confused story structure and honestly some botched would-be executions-but there is a fascination in the film's many failings.

Trevor F (mx) wrote: Critics can all go jump off a cliff! This movies is awesome!