Quartier lointain

Quartier lointain

A grown man wakes up to discover he is a teenager again.

A grown man wakes up to discover he is a teenager again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David J (fr) wrote: The medieval theme is cool, and so is the action, but the plot is predictable and predictably bad.

Dutch V (kr) wrote: This movie has everything in it that really matters in a Seagal flick. Chicks, guns, crappy dialogue, and gratuitous violence. It delivered, and I enjoyed it.

Justin S (de) wrote: I don't think I've ever cried more in a movie theater

Heather C (it) wrote: Watched this a few weeks ago. I have seen better Japanese horror movies....

logan v (gb) wrote: very nice plot..some characteristics of Memento , Anna Mouglalis is perfect..

Mardi M (mx) wrote: an interesting look at the story of pinocchio

Byron G (kr) wrote: One of my personal favorites, a movie I watched 5 times in the theatre and jet li's first lead role in north american cinema. Romeo must die is an action packed thrill ride not worth missing

Daniele C (it) wrote: This movie isn't funny, isn't dramatic, isn't critic, isn't good, this movie is too shallow. Directing and actors' performance are terrible. Review from Italy

Luigi (jp) wrote: Great B-Movie. Funny as hell! I liked it.

Eric G (us) wrote: Winkler's first time behind the lens is a success.

Jeremy C (ag) wrote: Sam Elliott in a kids movie. Lets do his thing. Prancer is about a girl who finds Santa's reindeer Prancer whos got shot in the leg so she trys to hide Prancer from her dad played by no other than Sam Elliott. This film is fun but just has a little something i can't describe that i hated but i'll still give Prancer a B for the effort put into this film. GRADE:B

Red L (kr) wrote: I was impressed with James Spader's role. He seems both withdrawn and 'broken' and yet sure of himself enough to convince his female friends to confess their secrets about sex. I enjoyed the film ending as well.

Matt W (fr) wrote: Just as gd as first 1- lack of story tho

Dan L (it) wrote: My rating may indicate I enjoyed this film less than I did. I enjoyed it, but recognize it as b-grade fun and it has partly to do with low expectations and being pleasantly surprised. I have a soft spot for genre films and this one had a fun premise - man loses love robot and needs to hire a tracker (Griffith) to help him find a replacement. Slightly goofy but fun all the same if you keep your expectations appropriately calibrated. There are definitely lots of "Huh?" moments, but just turn your brain off and enjoy the semi post-apocalyptic setting and characters...

Patryk C (kr) wrote: An art house horror of the most brilliant kind, Onibaba rises to the level of a movie as much shocking and controversial, as it is graceful and culturally-relevant. Full of sexual tension and furious jealousy, it's a ghost story that will frighten every cinema lover. The few final scenes, with its dark atmosphere and fine use of the mystical curse, give a new meaning to the word 'creepy'.

Keiah W (jp) wrote: Journey to the West like you've never seen it before. A gun-toating, chain smoking, alcoholic priest, and a dragon which turns into a jeep! Hysterical all the way :D

Alan W (gb) wrote: This is a funny movie

Thomas T (kr) wrote: Don't expect fantastic CGI or fantastic performances, for Fantastic Four fails to deliver any of that.

Kenny B (es) wrote: fantastic movie for making fun of with where technology is today. but still love this movie.

Elton G (de) wrote: Iron Man brings the titular hero to screen with convincing special effects, great acting on the part of RDJ, and an not formulaic plot.