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Quebrando a Cara

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Moya W (br) wrote: It felt like there was two different stories in this movie and I felt that they should have just stuck with one. It felt like the people who produced this movie thought that you couldn't make a movie with just one of the storylines so they needed both of them. But I just felt distracted throughout the film, there was nothing there that hooked me to the screen and there wasn't much of an afterthought once the end credits started rolling.

Daniel P (au) wrote: If maybe just 10 minutes of research went into this travesty of a film, maybe I would give it one or two stars. As it stands, it feels this was made by a few people sitting in a McDonald's one afternoon going. "You know, I heard people die from something called leukemia, we should make a Christian film about it"."I have no idea what Leukemia is, let's do it".And from that conversation came C Me Dance. The quality of this film can be described, in my own opinion, most accurately as this. There was a big budget christian film called Watch Me Dance, which a porn director decided to make a pornographic version of, but on the day of filming none of the porn stars showed up, so the director pulled random people off the street and turned it into an attempt at an ordinary film. The acting isn't really there, it's difficult to call it acting in any way. The transition scenes are random, the plot is ridiculous and the ending is just hard to care about. The message about God and Super God Powers is lost somewhere in all the negative aspects of this flick, so take my advice, skip this film and go to Church next Sunday. The message will be better acted and delivered without leaving you feeling like you wasted part of your life on this film.

Cooper H (br) wrote: Not the best of Will Ferrell's career but still had its moments.

Nathan S (es) wrote: While I have never much agreed with linguist Noam Chomsky's assertion that only humans have the innate ability for language, I have long been a fan of his politics. He is a steadfast force in the fight for the rights of all citizens. This piece is a collection of speeches and interviews he has delievered or granted on the topics of media, power, and terror.


Corey B (br) wrote: Some of the best of Jackie Chan.

JamesMasaki R (mx) wrote: Does a killer deserved to be killed? Whether it is a mass murderer, or a kid on a whim, should the penalty be the same? A young 20 year old from a broken home on his own decides that he wants to kill, without any particular reason. A middle-aged taxi driver with no luck with love wanders aimlessly. A lawyer that has just passed his examination is excited to finally work in the judicial system. Whether by fate or not, these 3 will eventually meet in some form. Kieslowski always likes to shoot multiple stories and have them eventually meld together, which make them infinitely rewatchable, no matter how grim the subject is. And the green/gold filters that will be prevalent in his later film "The Double Life Of Veronique" is first put to use here in the storytelling, and so is the masking of the image on partial frames, epecially with the young Jacek which may be distracting, but shows his 'frame' of mind well. Kieslowski is a master. It's just a shame that there will be no more films from him...

J Brigham H (it) wrote: Unfortunately doesn't reach its potential, but does pretty decent regardless, thanks to its Bradburian concepts and themes. Either way, it's a pretty interesting viewing exercise to watch as pre-Touchstone Disney struggles to restrain the darkness and mature themes of Bradbury, and Jonathan Pryce is a great sinister but subtle presence as Mr. Dark. The library scene between him and Jason Robards as Mr. Halloway is particularly good.

Stanley R (gb) wrote: Funny classic movie!!!

David L (us) wrote: Chicken Run has deft animation with a lot of detail, excellent characters with some being hilarious and the humor is top-notch, so clever and funny. The voice acting is also terrific and the movie is always charming and involving. It has some familiar parts and is too simplistic, but it is also very sophisticated in its execution with just phenomenal humor and great attention to detail. It is one of the very best Aardman films for sure.

Kieran F (es) wrote: Great film and love reese Witherspoon!

Ashwyn L (mx) wrote: The plot of this movie might have been predictable but the humour most certainly is not. There are scenes in this movie that made me laugh till I cried. I enjoyed the overall experience of the movie. I would recommend this movie to people who are looking for a casual movie experience and nothing too complex. This movie is worth watching at least twice but never consecutively.