Queen Kelly

Queen Kelly

Prince Wolfram is the betrothed of mad Queen Regina V of Kronberg. Supreme ruler, her word is law and he is a playboy. On maneuvers as punishment for partying with other women, he sees Kelly walking the the other students of a convent. He is intrigued by her beauty and wants her. He kidnaps her that night from the convent and takes her to his room and professes his love for her. When the Queen finds them together the next morning , she whips Kelly and throws her out of the castle. Regina then puts Wolfram into prison for not wanting to marry the Queen. Kelly goes to German East Africa to visit her dying Aunt and is forced to marry the disgusting Jan. The Aunt dies after the wedding and Kelly refuses to live with Jan and becomes the head of Aunties Brothel. Her extravagances and style earn her the name 'Queen Kelly' and Prince Wolfram does not marry Queen Regina V.

A convent girl is abducted and seduced by a prince before being sent off to a brothel in East Africa. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gary Z (es) wrote: Gorgeous. Reminds me that I crave connection but freak when I get it.

Yu T (ag) wrote: Simply beautiful... The director walks us smoothly through the story by using images, scenes, and music. This movie explains what LOVE is and how important it is to everybody.

Shane H (it) wrote: Tyler Perry, start taking notes.

Nate M (kr) wrote: A art house/LGBT subversion and modernization of the archetypal fairy tale, Ozon at the helm manages to shock and awe. A forest, a mirror, a bridge, a princess, a "troll"- Ozon brings in these basic elements of lore but brings a level of realism so we can only half recognize them. We are shown things of great beauty but on the flip side,we are shown one of the most horrific sex scenes in recent memory, similar in ickiness to Denis' Trouble Every Day. All in all, this film is a brilliant take on contemporary issues using a fairy tale format: it fits in with recent Bluebeard as much as it's kin of the French Extremity.

Grant S (it) wrote: Had potential, but drifted and went nowhere, aided and abetted by some really hammy acting by David Bowie. As gritty and grim as the plot is, many of the scenes seem contrived and lame. If there was a point to everything, I missed it.As mentioned, David Bowie's performance certainly doesn't help matters. He is quite unconvincing in the lead role. The real actors hardly do better - Tom Conti and Jack Thompson are irritating. The Japanese actors put in the most convincing performances.Not worth watching, even at Christmas.

James N (fr) wrote: Another Russ Meyer classic!

Tim W (ru) wrote: Good story, love the characters, great acting, and it's a classic. So good that its kind of an archetype for modern action movies.

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