Queen Margot

Queen Margot

The night of August 24, 1572, is known as the Massacre of St. Bartholomew. In France a religious war is raging. In order to impose peace a forced wedding is arranged between Margot de Valois, sister of the immature Catholic King Charles IX, and the Hugenot King Henri of Navarre. Catherine of Medici maintains her behind-the-scenes power by ordering assaults, poisonings, and instigations to incest.

Young Queen Margot finds herself trapped in an arranged marriage amidst a religious war between Catholics and Protestants. She hopes to escape with a new lover, but finds herself imprisoned by her powerful and ruthless family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David G (es) wrote: it was a ok not good at all, but it still is worth watching if you liked number 1 I didn't like that much

Dana D (br) wrote: Meh. The drunk Irish dad is the best actor.

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Laurie T (fr) wrote: A comedy with an undertone of sadness, attractive actors (except of course for the overweight hero), somewhat implausible situations, some reality. (I come from a place where Latinos wait on corners for work, and I've experienced the demoralization of unemployment. The movie seems to try to explain the immigrants' situation from the outside, so there is an attempt at identification that doesn't entirely work. It has a good heart , though.

Hobie P (ca) wrote: Yeah its nothing spectacular but as far as the after dark horror films go this is the best one I've seen yet,and it has some jump out of your seat moments

Michael A (mx) wrote: Beyond idiotic tale of wasted youth and reenforced racist stereotypes.

Jennifer R (nl) wrote: pretty good, story line was all over the place.

Ryan V (fr) wrote: Beethoven has the symphony, Shakespeare has the sonnet, and John Woo has the slow motion gunfight. The "plot" of this movie follows a gang of arms smugglers who are hunted by a special ops agent (Tony Leung) and a cop who plays by his own rules (Chow Yun-Fat). However, that's mostly just window dressing for all the elaborate action scenes that Woo stages like savage ballets. Nobody will mistake Hard Boiled for arthouse cinema, but that's beside the point when one witnesses the twenty-minute-long bullet bonanza that's staged in a crowded hospital and serves as the film's explosive climax. While Hard Boiled lacks the depth of John Woo's other action pictures, this is still a fine choice if you want to watch a flick where lots of things blow up real good.

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BoltroBankai (nl) wrote: Back when animated films were made with traditional 2D and comedy was clever, there was Animalympics. It was a wonderful parody of the Olympic games and was very enjoyable to watch.

Dan M (au) wrote: A Hitchcock film with a very Shyamalan-like 3rd act twist. It felt very soap operaesque in a way, until the very end with a shot that reminded me of a creepy character in the Conjuring 2. Pretty good, but I liked Rear Window more.

Kevin R (jp) wrote: It is much harder to come back than it is to arrive.Dixon Steele is a violent screenwriter that is easy annoyed and very moody. He becomes a murder suspect, and fortunately, his neighbor comes to the rescue. Dixon and the neighbor begin to fall in love and they stand pat against the law. When the neighbor starts having doubts about Dixon's innocence, the case may take a turn...but so will her relationship with Dixon."I'm going to take you home.""I told you I have a date.""My home."Nicholas Ray, director of Rebel Without a Cause, King of Kings, 55 Days at Peking, We Can't Go Home Again, Johnny Guitar, Bigger than Life, and Wind Across the Everglades, delivers In a Lonely Place. The storyline for this picture is pretty interesting and actually reminded me a little of Rear Window (in terms of the crime drama aspects). The acting was excellent and the cast includes Humphrey Bogart, Gloria Grahame, Frank Lovejoy, and Hadda Brooks. "I was born when she kissed me, I died when she left me, I lived a few weeks while she loved me." This is a movie I DVR'd off cable when I discovered it starred Humphrey Bogart and I had never seen it! I can tell you this is a very well done picture and Bogart's performance fit the character perfectly. The film is unpredictable and not straightforward and this ended really well. I definitely recommend seeing this picture."You're a popcorn salesman."Grade: A-

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rick r (jp) wrote: Chad Crawford Kindle's "Jug Face" is a sort of neo-primitive/folkish horror film steeped in a supernatural presence and superstitious stereotypes. This somber tale as twisted as the Supplejack and as pervasive as the Kudzu holds a lot of what it represents in superficial representations of Hill folk and magic. "Jug Face" stars Sean Bridgers, Lauren Ashley Carter, Kaitlin Cullum, Larry Fessenden and follows a secluded community of mostly kin, completely superstitious, worshipers of supernatural pit which heals life but also takes life. The decision is made by the turning of the potter's wheel and the face that soon is revealed in the kiln. My feelings on this film-I have to be really honest- are mixed at best. I lean more toward not wanting to like this film because quite frankly a lot of the character portrayals just came off more offensive than amusing but I also found so many small aspects about this film so cool and original-not to mention slightly taboo!The story is a pretty original folk-legend styled story that has some questions, that manage to linger just far enough out of reach to warrant watching the whole movie, hoping for small morsels of information to let you know more about this clan of hillbillies. Why the hell were they out there anyway. How did the come to find the pit? History - sh*t like that drove me to pay attention to this movie's story-line. I was not rewarded in that aspect but during the course I was given moments of uncomfortable, cringing accents, twisted family dynamics and enough gory moments to make the discomfort acceptable. The pit and the fact that faces of sacrifices form on jugs is the biggest thing that I loved about this film-oh and the gore!"Jug Face" runs a bit low in the adrenaline department instead flowing in a more melodramatic, lethargic wave of communal depression. I didn't find anything connectable with too many of the characters and Sean Young's character done more to irritate my viewing experience than accentuate it. So that was disappointing. However like I said-this story is pretty original and slightly outlandish enough to make anyone really want to watch it at least once! Don't expect much and if -like me you are southern and from the hills- some elements may come off a little offensive or clich but over all "Jug Face" holds steady at a mildly entertaining WTH? sort of movie viewing experience. Basically I was curious so I watched it-now that that is out of the way I can move on to other things.

Arseniy V (gb) wrote: An excellent study of a condition known as burning human desire. The contrast of places where eager sufferers may find themselves. One of those films that left me thinking about it long after the lights went off. And the more I did - the more I realized just how good it is.

Ryland D (ca) wrote: I might have enjoyed it if it made even the smallest amount of sense.