Queen of Blood

Queen of Blood

A spaceship is sent to Mars after a alien distress signal is picked up. They find one survivor, but when a crew member is found drained of blood it's evident they have rescued a bloodsucking monster.

The year is 1990. An alien species makes contact with Earth through radio transmission, notifying of an imminent visit. Alien ship crash lands on Mars, and a rescue team is sent out from ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim H (ag) wrote: A cyborg known as a mandroid battles an evil scientist across time and space. Seemed great as a kid, but recent viewing leads me to reconsider.

Dilhara A (ca) wrote: Privacy does not exist! Appalling and out of control. But what's new? Doesn't pretty much everyone agree to user licensing agreements blindly now-a-days cos the agreements anyway don't seem to leave much of a choice about what we're opting in to. Worthwhile information for each and everyone.

Kade C (mx) wrote: Unable to capture the magic that was the first Iron Man, the sequel is still rather enjoyable. Once again it is just great to watch Robert Downey Jr. be the best Tony Stark anyone could ask for, and a much more grounded Iron Man film is pleasant as well.

Meaghan C (es) wrote: Not to pleased with the portrayal of Canadians, but the film was still entertaining nonetheless. The main message drilled into your head throughout the film: stop running from your problems and do something about them.

gong g (ca) wrote: [font=Fixedsys]the crappiest movie i've seen all year on dvd. avoid at all costs.[/font]

ujwala r (fr) wrote: soft story and melody dat touches the soal...kabhi kabhi uspe chodna padta hai

Peter F (nl) wrote: Scorsese's messy yet handsome period piece is a bit of a flawed masterpiece. The production values in recreating 19th century New York are nothing short of outstanding, and it may stand as the director's most ambitious project. Unfortunately, the story's pacing issues, and one poor choice in casting (Cameron Diaz) keep it from completely living up to it's aspirations.

Emily G (it) wrote: If I could give this a minus rating I would. This movie made me angry.

Cody M (jp) wrote: I was bored beyond believe in this Blade Runner wannabe, that was shot like a music video.

Raymond S (ag) wrote: Fairly decent flick...seen better; seen worse.

Nate W (mx) wrote: gritty, pessimistic, bleak and almost humorless - extremely uncharacteristic for something to be associated with troma. one of the best i've seen in a while

Ken S (mx) wrote: A propaganda fest from beginning to end. To Hell and Back tells the story of Audie Murphy, the most decorated solider of WW2 and it stars Audie Murphy. The real Audie Murphy plays himself, in the story of himself kicking the crap out of Nazi's. If that sounds to you like the film with in a film from Inglorious Basterds, but American, you'd be correct. Nation's Pride was based on this film. As far as war films go it's not too shabby. I wouldn't rush out to see it, but worth a watch if you like the genre.

Samantha S (kr) wrote: Very very satisfying! I was tremendously looking forward to Tennant's performance alongside Stewart, but they blew me away! Emotive, hilarious, with a solid interpretation, not to be missed ^^

Bruno D (mx) wrote: A fun and hilarious film with a solid cast full of great performances and hilarious and fun comedy.

Wilman A (mx) wrote: Wow, it`s really a suprise Audiences didn`t love it. I give this movie version avarage stars, fair enough Squarepants ?