Queen of Sex

Queen of Sex

Claudine (Ajita Wilson) is trying to uncover a mystery involving a bizarre cult involved in some weird sexual rituals.

Claudine (Ajita Wilson) is trying to uncover a mystery involving a bizarre cult involved in some weird sexual rituals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Larissa N (au) wrote: well judging by the critics and other reviewers, this sequel seems much better than the 1st.

Claire T (jp) wrote: This movie is about the struggles some families face when they find they cannot have children. It doesn't freaking matter if it doesn't make any sense, this is movie displays the hard truth that not all couple are fortunate enough to be able to start a family and they experience many heartbreaks along the way. Finding out you can't have children...that would break my heart. And this movie...this movie is absolutely heartbreaking and touching...and may inspire some people to adopt. I was adopted and I have a feeling this touched the hearts of many adoptive parents and children because we understood the deeper meaning behind this movie unlike you heartless critics.

Krupa S (kr) wrote: Very simple and very real...No extra melodrama or sing and dance as you might otherwise expect in a bollywood film

Megan K (it) wrote: Ok so its a little bit pornographic, but not much more than Sex in the City with a male star instead of 4 women...Simon Baker is awesome in this movie, the beginning is kinda slow, but once it gets going...lol Winona Ryder is great too...the ending is great, unexpected, but great!

Julio S (us) wrote: This film was really funny!!!!

Aaron G (ag) wrote: If you can shut down your brain for awile, this is a good film.

Sydney S (br) wrote: Literally nothing I didn't like about this movie!!! One of my all time favorites!!

Well A (au) wrote: Sem dvida o melhor da saga at hoje. Possui uma acidez, um sarcasmo sem precedentes no gnero. A chegada a Dullock clssica.

Scott S (it) wrote: Return from Witch Mountain (1978) -- [5.5] -- Christopher Lee and Bette Davis use a mind control device to turn telekinetic brother against telekinetic sister in a sequel that is only slightly more interesting than the original.

Gimly M (ru) wrote: Drops a Wilhelm scream in the opening ten minutes.If I'm being honest, I didn't love Crawlspace. I'm pretty on board for Australian genre film, particularly work involving Executive Producer Greg McLean, so I would have thought it wouldn't be too hard to get me to love Crawlspace, but I just didn't. I do however, think that there was potential in the piece to have made an absolutely brilliant television series, as opposed to a film. The setting itself may not have translated so well (it takes place almost entirely in a single, confined underground facility) but the story, the world of Crawlspace was begging for expansion, and I think a foray in to the long-format of televised storytelling would have served that expansion well.As it stands, Crawlspace is "Just okay" with enough nifty shenanigans on screen to keep you engage, but not enough follow through as a whole to have you walk away feeling satisfied.

Susan K (it) wrote: The back-alley scene where Kansas seduces the jazz drummer from across the room is hot hot hot!