Quelle strane occasioni

Quelle strane occasioni

70s Italian comedy.

70s Italian comedy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keri H (es) wrote: Used the term retards in the first 10 minutes. Lost me then, so I didn't continue watching. It's 2016. Stop using this term.

Amelia W (br) wrote: Like tots awsome i loved it :)

Dorian G (kr) wrote: An eye-opening documentary on myths of frivolous lawsuits, and the changes brought about by these myths un the US legal system. A little boring, but ultimately satisfying to hear stories of those who are trying to beat tort reform and stand up for the little guy.

Ana S (de) wrote: What the hell was that about?! Im shocked...

Petros T (us) wrote: Lukewarm, ever-growingly boring and with a lot of at first annoying but in the end downright ridiculous pseudo-intellectual tendencies. The makers of this film seem to think they know the meaning of life, but all I know is that I lost 148 minutes from my own life. Even Joaquin Phoenix lookalike Emile Hirsch couldn't keep me going. If only he possessed not only good looks but also notable skills...

Brian C (ag) wrote: A really fun and action packed sword-and-sorcery flick inspired by the comics of Robert E. Howard who created Conan, The Barbarian. A entertaining if somewhat campy film with a rockin' soundtrack. Starring Kevin Sorbo (Tv's Hercules) as the title barbarian-hero and the oh-so-hot Tia Carrera as the evil sorceress/she-demon out to dethrone Kull. This is truly one of my favorite fantasy/barbarian films to be released in years.

Jo M (ru) wrote: Fab Fab film, need a big box of hankies for this one.

Pablo M (gb) wrote: A masterpiece in every way a movie can be.

Courtney E (kr) wrote: Never would have picked this up if a group of elders hadn't pre picked it for the group to watch. VERY ENJOYABLE 'hero's journey' movie played out in the 70s by a hero in his 70s.

Ian C (it) wrote: Absolutely mental. The slapstick in this when Ash is in the cabin is priceless. Campbell's physical comedy is outstanding. Groovy.

Tyler A (us) wrote: classic G shit right here launched Cubes career in acting str8 goods

Mick T (es) wrote: If I were one of the Monsters, I'd be more than a little upset that a movie with me in the title only seemed to have included me as an afterthought. I didn't watch this for jihadis and desert warfare, I thought it was a sequel to an underrated gem. Instead it turned out to be just yelling, cussing and a lame bunch of immature idiots in the desert. The Monsters appear now and again to remind you of the link but aside from that, this is only tangibly connected to the first film and it is all the poorer for it. Hugely disappointing that only keeps you watching in the hope of something happening with its protagonists but fails miserably.I don't tun many movies off before the end but this I did and read up what happened in Wikipedia since I just couldn't be bothered with it. I didn't like the characters. I didn't like the lack of Monsters in a film called Monsters. I really didn't care for it or the people in it. Poor.

shirley l (de) wrote: ice cube and da da are a perfect match when it comes to movies!

JuanKa P (gb) wrote: A raiz del escndalo de Watergate y la investigacin que surge a raz de ese momento. Dos periodistas Bob Woodward (Robert Redford) y Carl Bernstein (Dustin Hoffman) iniciarn su propia investigacin en pos de encontrar la verdad y a todos los implicados en un caso que va ms all de la irrupcin en la sede del partido demcrata y que un simple robo, sino que result tener serias connotaciones polticas que determinaron al salida de Nixon del poder. Con la ayuda de un informante secreto conocido como 'Deep Throat' (Garganta Profunda), lograrn llegar a la verdad de uno de los casos de corrupcin ms mediticos de la poltica norteamericana

Matthew S (kr) wrote: Someone thought it would be a pretty good idea to cast an ex-Beatle in a caveman movie with stop-motion dinosaurs, marijuana berries, and next to zero English dialog. Someone was wrong. There are parts that are a bit amusing (like the time being Oct. 9, One Zillion BC), but it was mostly just dull in its simplicity. I can see young children (and perhaps cavemen) getting a kick out of grown men running around the desert in fur underwear, fighting off goofy dinosaurs, but there's really not much there for the adults. Well, except for trying to figure out why anyone would put a slapstick attempted date-rape scene in there. And yes, that's really in there.

Tyson S (au) wrote: It's fun to realize that Van-Damme has a worse grip on the English language than even his greatest action rivals Arnold and Sly.