Photographed in the warm beauty of a Midwestern autumn, Quench tells the story of Derik, a young man grieving the recent death of an unknown loved one. After finding no one to turn to, Derik decides to abandon his current life at college to visit Jason. Although best friends since grade school, the two have not seen or spoken to one another in three years. Once they have reunited, Derik soon realizes that Jason is no longer the friend he once knew. Not only has he dramatically changed his external appearance, but he is now a part of a mysterious group, a family. As a unique, stylish, and compelling film, Quench is sure to challenge, unsettle, and enlighten any audience that is curious to step deep inside of a world that lives right beneath them.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:masturbation,  

Photographed in the warm beaty of Midwestern Autumn, QUENCH tells the story of Derik, a young man grieving over the recent death of a loved one. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Quench torrent reviews

Valencia T (ru) wrote: A Great Movie to see and very entertaining for the soul!A Must See!


Carol H (gb) wrote: There's nothing that really sets this movie apart. It's just a standard indie film.

Cindi L (fr) wrote: I wasn't completely convinced by the movie's love story but I thought the characters (and the actors who played them) were great.

Alyssa K (de) wrote: I was hoping this movie would be like ginger snaps but instead it was kind of sickening.

Jo B (ru) wrote: A hero, a man of his time, well portrayed.

Louise v (au) wrote: Great film, i really enjoyed it!

Dustin H (ru) wrote: Okay, overall it was a good movie... but there were a few BIG problems with it. First of all, I started watching about a half-hour in, missed about 20 minutes in the middle and STILL figured out one of the primary puzzles behind the film LONG before the characters did, even though it turns out I was missing at least 2 of the key clues, this makes it seem a bit too simple.Also, the ending is VERY dissatisfying, 'cause you build yourself up to wanting to know what drives these people to do what they're doing then... it's done. No real conclusion or anything.That being said, the build up was cool, and it makes ya think about things. Not a bad movie... just too obvious with its clues, and a bad ending.

Jason L (ru) wrote: Man, did this movie make me angry. This should never have been adapted for the big screen. If you have ever read the book, you understand why. The story of Ted is connected to Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I love the book because of this connection and it unfortunately could not have been added to the film. I mean no offense to those who enjoyed it, but if you want to know the truth, read the book and you may never watch the film again.

shahid j (mx) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Gemma H (ca) wrote: makes me want to move to cornwall more than ever... should be sean pertwee on the cover tho... x

jwasu r (mx) wrote: The hardcore porn aspect threw me and I'm not sure what it adds other than, along with the close up shots of heroin being injected and the eyeball being punctured, being part of a visual motif of penetration.The badassery of One Eye running around docks in a fringe-lined duster brandishing a shot gun cannot be denied.I enjoyed this film despite its flaws.

Matthew C (br) wrote: A decently solid western with a winning cast full of charm dirt and gunpowder. While the story isn't something to marvel at, the film moves through its characters, defined well through classic archetypes of aged gunslinger, broken sheriff, old lover, young vengeful buck and many more. Hired guns abound, men with selfish purposes and other men with righteous wills set to protect the innocent and do the right thing in the land of kill or be killed. I especially enjoy James Caan and Mitchum as their character journeys are amusing and engaging. Not a must see, but the opening song and sequence of paintings are cool, and a western that shouldn't be forgotten.

Andrew I (jp) wrote: Not bad at all. Rather like a 1930s UK version of Bruce Almighty with a better plot and worse special effects, although they were still pretty amazing for 1936. Didn't overstay its welcome either. 6.75/10

Steve G (de) wrote: Irresistibly charming. Brilliantly innovative. Such a moving conceit. A wonderfully satisfying experience. Inspired direction. It's fair to say that the main portrayal was rather sympathique.Again, the cleverest conceit I've seen in a movie since Wayne's World's scooby doo ending.The moment when he sees his hotel & recognizes the risk of being discovered is so emotionally effective.As is the time when he his wife arrives at his work.His shame is powerful. He is pathetic, in the truest sense of the word. Though his wallowing in self-pity, even for a silent, which demands exaggeration, gets to be much in the bathroom.Very innovative in its absence of intertitles. Beautifully directed. The main performance is so wonderfully poignant.I loved the smoking bathroom attendant at the end!There was a 48 Hours element to it.The only flaws I would say were that it did drag every so often, & occasionally flirted with self-seriousness.Perhaps somewhat overdramatic. Like, there are bigger deals in 20th century Germany than a demotion. Such as, unemployment, & Nazism.I would've preferred to have seen the scene which is talked about it the newspapers with the dying, rich bachelor.Obvious continuity question: why doesn't anyone notice the suit missing?I might've also preferred an extended ending when we see him go back home to his family who rejected him.

Lucca H (ru) wrote: My Favorite Zombie Movie Of All Time

Tarloke J (nl) wrote: I absolutely love this movie. Rebecca Demornay plays peyton Flanders a nanny who comes to the bartel family to look after their child.However, all is not as it seems as this nanny is hell bent on revenge and tearing this family apart.This movie gains a top score for me. Demornay is perfectly as the vengeful nanny and she has Clare played by annabell sciorra going crazy. Some scenes are disturbing but add to the story and the length peyton will go to get the perfect family.The movie is even better on the subsequent views as you spot things you didn't see the first time around. Excellent movie.

Phil T (de) wrote: A few good gags, but mostly it's just a movie that plods along without too much invention and plays it too safe to be memorable despite its talented cast.

Steve K (mx) wrote: Not as bad as the critic' rating, but wasn't great either. The storyline was slow and sort of stumbled along and Channing Tatum didn't help matters with his "flat affect" portrayal of the main character. I truly believe the kid did a better job of playing him.