Quicksilver Highway

Quicksilver Highway

This film is actually two one hour stories, the first based on a Stephen King story called the "Chattering Teeth" about a man who picks up a hitchhiker and the second is based on a Clive Barker story called "The Body Politic" about hands that rebel against the body.

Two tales of terror, told by a travelling showman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Glenn C (ag) wrote: How to describe Pig Hunt? Hmm. Well its quite the mind fuck and Im not sure if thats in a good way. The movie is like the dirty little love child of Deliverance and Razorback. Its directed by Jim Isaak (Jason X, House 3) so there's some nice control here... the soundtrack is by Les Claypool and I cant think of a better person for it. But the movie struggles when trying to combine horror and comedy and the result is a hokey and often tacky b-movie. Its moderately enjoyable but I wont be rushing to watch it again.

Andrew B (ru) wrote: Fun to watch but lacking in qulity.

Martin D (ca) wrote: Well...many people may tear this movie apart but i really think that this is one of the best teenage romantic movies from the 1990's in Sweden and the acting is also good. Includes Romance/Racism/Comedy/Drama and also very good and high class actors like: Peter Haber,Anki Liden,Lina Englund,Kjell Bergkvist and the big name:Allan Svensson. Great actors and performances here and you should try to see it if you get the chance. This movie from 1996 is good and I enjoyed every minute of it, and before I did,nt,I have,nt see it for a wele,This one is a lot better than the other teenage movie from Sweden that came out around 1988 i think that was called "Ps Sista Sommaren". This one has more better acting in it and more to reality. hope to see more romantic movies like this in this new millennium from Sweden.

Brett H (gb) wrote: A surprisingly fun and creative sci-fi flick that doesn't take itself too seriously and paved the way for Roland Emmerich's career of overblown and ridiculous blockbusters. The story is fairly original and as the mystery unfolds I found myself getting more and more invested in the characters' predicament. The two leads are 80s legends James Spader and Kurt Russell who are passable, though Spader always sounds a little flat and uninterested to me; he did do the film for money after all. The special effects hold up amazingly well, especially in the portal scenes involving the title's, Stargate! It's a bit hokey and I couldn't see myself watching it again, but it spawned a very successful TV series and set Roland Emmerich on his career-path to destroy Earth in every consecutive film; so it has some merit!

Millo T (br) wrote: The acting from Anna Magniani adds half a star to this movie.

Naoya K (ca) wrote: Probably this is the movie that has the most royal mood to those Wuxia novels, besides Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. As title suggests, the sword fight scenes are so tense, although story development does not have any sense... But hey, that's Wuxia novel anyway.

Jason S (br) wrote: I want that 1 hour and a bit of my life back... :(movie bad, very bad...