Quid Pro Quo

Quid Pro Quo

A semi-paralyzed radio reporter is sent out to investigate a story that leads him into an odd subculture and on a journey of disturbing self-realization.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:guilt,   forgiveness,   shoe,  

A semi-paralyzed radio reporter is sent out to investigate a story that leads him into an odd subculture and on a journey of disturbing self-realization. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark S (mx) wrote: Was interesting enough, but i very much dislike movies which cause you to believe one thing to enhance the plot, but then contradict everything for some crazy twist ending. Although the story was freaky and interesting.

TheRantingAnchor R (es) wrote: Highly emotional end to the trilogy. Because of this, we don't need a fourth one. At all.

Karunal C (de) wrote: We know about director bala's films. Most of the films will have characters with different appearances and incredible acting. The films concentrate about suffering of a main lead character and people surrounding them and ends with an obvious sad ending. I was disappointed with "Avan Ivan" and "Naan kadavul" since everything followed the same plot and i expected more. The actors in his films perform so well that their brilliant acting wasn't supported with a nice script. Bala is so talented as a director and he is obviously one of the bests in Kollywood but he needs to write better scripts. Tamil directors need to adapt novels instead of trying to write their own script. I came to know this "Paradesi" film was said to be based on a novel "Red tea" by Paul harris Daniel. i don't know anything about that book but this film still seems more similar to his previous films. The film is all about sufferings of villagers who are tortured to work for British's tea plantations. All the characters have acted very well especially adharva and his role as hero just like Bala's previous films, stays in our minds even after minutes after the film is over. The setting, environment, camera works and BGM selection all top class showing Bala's capability as a director. I like how his film stays out of usual commercial tamil filmmaking style which doesn't have 5 songs, 5 fights, comedians, and punch dialogues. he takes tamil cinema close to Hollywood style and falls short. "Paradesi" contains many weird scenes especially my favourite part of the film, where a new doctor comes to cure the coolies suffering from an unknown disease. Adharva will bring his roommate (lady who lives with him on the hut) suffering from illness to this doctors hospital. i expected he would cure her. Instead he suggests them to praise the almighty. Next day he and his white girlfriend starts singing and dancing for a Christian song for Christmas which kind of imitates the devotional songs in many of other tamil films where at the end of the song almighty will create a miracle such as curing a person suffering from sickness. But here, this is Bala's film, devotional Christian song which is nowhere sounding near the ones sang on churches, instead very very hilarious ending with.. the patient herself dying! I wouldn't call it controversial but the reality. Bala should change instead of calling himself as a dark person and making sad movies all the time. I dont want a film with 5 songs. I want a realistic film with a story.This film is almost close to be called a masterpiece. But it isn't because lacks something.

Tim D (es) wrote: A underrated excellent action film.

Infrarredead F (jp) wrote: Shit movie. Almost as it were a parody of the Alien franchise like robin hood men in tights except dumber, i didn't even like the third movie. Absolute trash, a joke, stay clear from this and the third. Hopefully with Alien Paradise Lost the movie will retcon the 2 last movies

Anthony A (it) wrote: One of Troma Studio's best films!

Nicola W (ag) wrote: This was so rubbish with poor acting I couldn't even watch it to the end, had to turn off after half hour cos it was so bad

Chelsea B (gb) wrote: Watching this in the context of Mystery Science Theater 3000 was absolutely hilarious. But oh my goodness, this movie was so awful. I honestly can't believe it exists, it's so bad.

Tim G (kr) wrote: This is a good baseball movie with a twist. I always enjoy a good "fish out of water" story.

Facebook U (fr) wrote: Great continuation of the Star Trek movie series.

John R (ca) wrote: This was a great city tv staple. Not available on dvd!

Ratnadeep R (de) wrote: This movie perfectly shows the life a woman had to lead in the olden days. In fact this was a very bold movie as in those days women were not supposed to lead life in their own ways.

Ed Q (kr) wrote: Green for Danger offers an absorbing narrative, enhanced by strong direction, assured performances and stylized photography.

Ryan C (kr) wrote: The third Walt Disney Pictures animated feature film, "Fantasia" is a groundbreaking experimental project from Walt Disney that showcases classical music and imaginative animation. Taking short Walt Disney Studio animation shorts and pairing them to compressed classical music pieces performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra was an extremely ambitious undertaking in 1940. The animation is extremely impressive for its time as it features Disney's signature character Mickey Mouse in 'The Sorcerer's Apprentice' segment as well as using pioneering sound reproduction system that made "Fantasia" the first commercial film to use stereophonic sound. This was Walt Disney's masterpiece that uses music to express imagination and feelings together with animation.

Mark H (au) wrote: Let me start off with the fact that I do not like Tim Burton: I like some of his earlier films like Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, or Nightmare before Christmas, but other than that... So when I saw that this was directed by Burton I was very pessimistic. I have to say this was a very funny, unique movie, and the acting by Depp and Landau was nothing short of amazing.

Alex S (es) wrote: The movie gives off a very interesting feeling. We somehow feel sympathy for the character even though he is clearly disturbed person. There becomes a sort of relatability to his loneliness, portrayed brilliantly by Robin Williams. An engaging and entertaining movie that is smarter than the average thriller.

Rob L (mx) wrote: When I saw this as a kid, I was sure it was the best movie ever made. Since rewatched gas an adult, I can see the flaws. There are quite a few over the top moments. Still I love the over acting and comedy. The music elevates this to a Star Wars level, and Alan Rickman does a great villain. Part of my love for this is still nostalgia, but if I saw it for the first time today, I still believe it would hold up as fun.

Jason L (mx) wrote: One of the most riveting films I've ever seen. It has everything you could ever want in a film - revenge, treachery, drama, intrigue. Perfect