An actor becomes increasingly introverted and psychotic and his entire family attempts to intervene.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancer,   band,   fight,  

An actor becomes increasingly introverted and psychotic and his entire family attempts to intervene. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lars P (ag) wrote: A bit long, a bit too many players, but overall a decent spy-action-movie. Beats some of the more recent James Bond-movies.

Richard I (it) wrote: Unsuccessfully interesting attempt to take the mock documentary format somewhere Ben Wheatley might enjoy.

Edmund C (gb) wrote: hmm, Andy talks too much.. but is still likeable.. i can relate to his anti-materialism sentiment - to go out into the world.. and 'let the universe lead you' !

Jess L (br) wrote: A bit too slow paced to get into, shame because the premise is so good.

Joe G (it) wrote: One of the worst movies I've ever seen that wasn't intentionally trying to be terrible. I kept waiting for the joke parts. There is nothing to see, no characters to watch, no real story. I'm not sure I really blame the actors, but no other's associated with the upper levels of making this movie should ever work again.

Sidney S (au) wrote: An intelligent and nerve racking thriller film that is carried by a great story and great performances from Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson. The film isn't your typical thriller, rather than being an action oriented thriller the film is realistic and based on the egos of the two lead character's own lives and their own uneasiness and unwillingness to give in. A traffic accident is what brings lawyer Gavin Banek (Affleck) and Doyle Gibson (Jackson) together, but when Gavin accidentally gives Gibson his file and rudely leaves in a rush, leads to an infuriated Gibson refusing to return his file out of bitterness. This itself turns into a game of wits and intellect between the two over who can get the upper hand over the other, for Banek retrieving a file necessary in his case that may keep him out of jail or for Gibson simply so Banek can learn the true meaning of his own words "better luck next time." This story is very intriguing and well paced. Leading from sabotage to each level of the two's lives from business, to financial to personal, all in a rough day.Samuel L. Jackson turns in an awesome performance as recovering alcoholic and a father on the brink of losing his kids to his wife leaving the city. Affleck in too much of a hurry to give Jackson a ride to the court makes him late and loses custody. You see Jackson showcase the character's frustration, guilt and inner sadness of Gibson but a character that also doesn't pity himself. Ben Affleck is a great actor and here turns in one of his best performances as the young, brash, intelligent and egotistic lawyer who will stop at nothing to get his file back into his possession. Affleck's ability here is truly noticeable when his character delivers the threatening phone call, angrily breaks down in the church and the two's interaction upon the film's ending. Affleck's character is one who is not afraid to be unethical and play outside the rules here we see a stunning performance. The film is very edgy, and one that puts you on the edge as you anxiously see the back and forth game of cat and mouse between the two. This is a film that probably should have received more recognition than it did. Affleck and Jackson are two awesome actors and their interactions in this film and the games they begin to play with each other's lives makes for a great watch. Changing Lanes is a fast paced thrill ride that is just as dramatic as it is edge of your seat.

Claire B (nl) wrote: Swwt film about friendships and relationships. I admit I only watched it to see Jon Bon, would have liked to have seen more of him, but I suppose it was more about the woman than the beautiful man.

Kay L (gb) wrote: A bit odd, but not terrible.

Martin D (fr) wrote: There's definite fun to be had here, especially with Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao in their prime. Some of the action is supriseingly violent as well. The stunts are impressive and the kung-fu, while anti-climactic, is staged extremely well. Though the endless slow-mo kicks really started to piss me off towards the end. The film reminded me of Rambo a little.

Jamey T (mx) wrote: If the movie's as hilairious as the poster i'm sold.

Wes S (mx) wrote: While it's agreeable that POTA could have used a sequel, it's hard to believe this was the best that could have came up. Several elements are retreated on, though most of the good elements are forgotten. The plot has many confusing pieces to it and wears down the concept quickly. This film ends up becoming a unessential sequel.

Robert H (us) wrote: pretty good action movie