A famous game show host is being harassed in a restaurant by a strange man who claims to have kidnapped his wife and daughter. A morbid game ensues in which the game show host turns out to be the contestant.

A famous game show host is being harassed in a restaurant by a strange man who claims to have kidnapped his wife and daughter. A morbid game ensues in which the game show host turns out to be the contestant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Clone B (kr) wrote: I loved it! It was a really fun and entertaining supernatural teen movie.

Kyle P (gb) wrote: Actually pretty funny! It's like the hangover, but in a high school setting. It just came on Netflix give it a watch

Philip T (es) wrote: jackie chan = monkey dance

Charles S (gb) wrote: One of the best political movies after the American President

Eric N (mx) wrote: cop buddy movie with a good cast but without it, it would be garbage. kind of bare bones tv-pilot feel. but it has a bit of everything. it's not Stephen Chow's first film, not even his first co-starring role, but based on reviews, I'm sure it's his first movie of any interest. Jacky Cheung is his extremely talented co-star and Ann Bridgewater is always a welcome sight.worth a watch but nothing more. Chow will be used to increased comedic effect later this year. This movie is comedic but there's a lot of romantic drahms and a gangster subplot. a good mix, but none of it impresses.

stephanie g (fr) wrote: good movie wow Netflix us please have this on streaming,

Peter H (ag) wrote: After seeing Mamma Mia! it's great to see the real thing. The remastered digital version looks fantastic and the sound is literally incredible. There's no way they sounded so good live! Has to be seen on the big screen to be really appreciated,

William I (us) wrote: I think this is a case where something that was hilarious from my parent's generation didn't translate well to my generation. Still it's funny to see young Bil Cosby call a bar full of men sissies.

Ryan B (us) wrote: A superior entry in Hammer's Frankenstein series. One of the few of the more brutal Hammers that actually has heart.

Kyle G (ag) wrote: Admirable and heart-warming, insofar as the travails, beautiful fellowship, and eventual parting of a Russian soldier and a strange Mongolian hunter deep in the wilderness of 1907 Siberia has any emotional impact at all. The setting left me cold, figuratively as well as literally, starting with obvious, unnecessary narration from Arseniev and continuing into an incorrigibly soporific and boring plot. More than two hours of ghastly, frigid, hyper-patient life doesn't necessarily compel me as a viewer. The visual style is mesmerizing and masterful, and the project must have been a perfect salve for a wounded, uncertain soul -- as Kurosawa was at this time -- but this is unfortunately not exactly a transcendent, crucial piece of art for the viewer.

Kenneth L (jp) wrote: Jean Renoir's 1939 film The Rules of the Game is frequently named one of the greatest films of all time, along with Citizen Kane; and like Citizen Kane, much of what makes it great has to do with narrative and technical ingenuity that might not be as apparent to today's viewers. Even if you missed those elements of the film, though, you would still have a very entertaining and clever satire of high society. The plot weaves together plot lines that are quite simple in and of themselves - almost every story is about someone's affair with someone else - into a complicated and funny series of escalating intrigues. In his introduction (made many years later), Renoir cites a couple of French authors I didn't know as influences, but one name of his I did recognize was Moliere, and indeed I can see the general resemblance. At first the movie might seem a bit tame, but as the characters become more and more uninhibited, the film becomes pretty wild indeed.I won't describe the performances much, since they were by a bunch of 1930s French actors you've never heard of anyway, but they are all good. The characters are all fairly simple, being as they are the targets of the film's satire. Renoir's visual style is great in subtle ways that contribute to the narrative. He does a lot of camera movements that were not usual at the time, and does some amazing things with deep-focus photography to rival Welles's work in Citizen Kane. The house where the film is set is very large, and we often see different plotlines advancing clearly in the fore-, middle-, and back-grounds. Renoir was in many ways light-years ahead of his time.Apparently, the film's satire was so offensive at the time that it was widely banned, and Renoir mentions in his introduction a man who was so outraged that he attempted to burn the theater down at a screening. It's pretty amazing for any film to elicit such a response, especially one as light and playful on the surface as this one. I guess Renoir must have made his point pretty effectively without being heavy-handed. I definitely have the feeling I'll be rewatching and studying this one several times in the future.

Shane H (nl) wrote: Heaven. Earth. Hell. Broken into three parts, Candy, starts strong with good vibes and full of joy. Once the drugs are introduced, you soon realize how short lived this happiness will last. The downward spiral of Dan and Candy's life propels out of control, at a pace much like Requiem for a Dream. I so wanted them to succeed and live out a life bursting with love and all things just as glorious, but sadly, this is not the case. Heroin on paper does not sound as bad as other drugs, but when you see movies that portray heroin addicts, suddenly you realize, just how insanely addictive the drug can be. Ledger and Cornish did such a phenomenal job during their withdrawal scenes, that I actually felt like I could relate to what they were experiencing, and it was awful. Kermit, managed to say hello during one scene, and boy was it emotional. My admiration towards Geoffrey Rush is growing with every single movie I see him in. Man he is good. I don't know if it's his voice or what, but every time I see him act, I get this warm fuzzy feeling like he's my favorite grandpa. Anyways, I am damn proud of Dan at the end of the movie, which I think you'll agree. Solid movie gem! Long live Ledger!!!

Juliano K (nl) wrote: A very surprising movie!! very good indeed

jerry s (fr) wrote: surreal thriller. surprisingly good.

Jonathan S (mx) wrote: Dopey witch cult movie with dolls, voodoo, and knife wheels.

Matthius W (fr) wrote: This is a satire in the truest sense. Most negative reviews possibly come from its sensitives subjects.

Ann C (jp) wrote: Landmine Goes Click is very effective film. The viewer is behind the character leading the scenes but then you begin to question what they're actually doing and whether their anger is being caused relevantly. It's these scenes which provide the most shocks and ended with a solid strike to reality that you will not necessarily see coming, especially at the moment it does.