Quiz Show

Quiz Show

Quiz Show is a 1994 American historical drama film which tells the true story of the Twenty One quiz show scandal of the 1950s.

In 1958, the popular NBC's show "Twenty One" is suspicious of being fixed. Richard Goodwin, a young Congressional lawyer, becomes curious of the fraud and decides to investigate this case. This film follows his path to discover the truth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Natacha R (it) wrote: I stopped watching this after 20 minutes - it was very, very boring.

Gabriel A (ag) wrote: Um drama ralo. Big Miracle tem algum divertimento inofensivo com as peculiaridades do longnquo Alasca, juntamente com o povo e suas tradies. Mas o filme torna-se distrado com artifcios e subtramas romnticos piegas e ha muito cuidado no ar para no pintar ningum como um vilo.

Mike L (jp) wrote: Bit of a snoozefest...I expected a little better given some of the cast but it was just cheap and stale.

Steven L (ru) wrote: Perfectly balanced; perfectly contained. Not all is revealed, and yet enough is revealed to not leave you completely guessing or confused. It's described as "slice of life", and that it is. My wife gives it a 5; I rate it lower, so we came to this compromise.

Daniel Z (ag) wrote: A stunning and successful adaptation of the Broadway musical!

Matt W (gb) wrote: Heartwarming even if on paper the story is fairly daft.

Alex r (it) wrote: Airheads is a fun and entertaining comedy that could have been much better, but for what it is, it is a film that is quite decent to average, but you can clearly see that it does fall short of its potential. The cast are quite funny in their roles, and this was one of the few films where Adam Sandler was enjoyable and fun to watch along with others such as Happy Gilmore and Big Daddy. Brendan Fraser is interesting as well, but the one who steals the show is Steve Buscemi and Chris Farley. Airheads does have good moments and rewatching it years later, I enjoyed it more so. For rock and metal fans, you're sure to enjoy the cameos by Motorhead vocalist Lemmy Kilmester and a short performance by White Zombie. If the script would have been reworked slightly, this would certainly have been a great comedy, as it is, it's a decent film with good on-screen gags. I did enjoy the film, but like I previously stated, felt that the film could have been reworked to make the jokes stands out more. Airheads is worth seeing if you want a fun and entertaining comedy, but it's not a stand out picture either. Go into this one expecting some laughs with decent performances and you won't be disappointed. Airheads is fun for what it is, but the idea for the film is interesting and the humor is silly and good, mindless entertainment. This is worth checking out if you want to watch one of the better Sandler films. With that said, I don't think he was the standout actor here, but he was pretty good in his role as one of the dimwits taking the radio station hostage. Airheads is decent, but you have to wonder how good this film could have been.

Joe S (kr) wrote: Most brutal boxing fight scenes ever. Russia vs America!

Lee B (mx) wrote: Ophuls's has a visual style that is truly unlike any I've seen in terms of design, composition, and camera movement.

Wes S (ru) wrote: Another movie about dumb kids sticking their noses into guns. You can't really like any of the characters, as they're either mean or lousy. Most of the film takes place in a single room, which gets pretty old. The ending is unsatisfactory and doesn't seem to prove much.

John A (de) wrote: Jim Carrey at his best, can't see how some people don't see it. He was made to make people laugh..

Gaynor B (br) wrote: The beautiful, guileless Bess played by Emily Watson carries this film to such supreme heights it's difficult to no picture her coy face winking at you through the camera for days after viewing. Von Trier is a master at playing with our expectations and assumptions regarding faith and belief. What is dangerous and what is good. Unlike some other directors, I'm looking at you Haneke, Von Trier posits the questions, but doesn't hand hold the viewer through to the "answer" if there needs to be one. And, as always, beautifully filmed.

Kirkland D (ag) wrote: At times it seemed rather cliche. But the subject matter more than made up for that... Its a good movie...