Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis

Set against the back drop of Rome in crisis, General Marcus Vinicius returns to the city from the battle fields and falls in love with a Christian woman, Lygia. Caught in the grip of insanity, Nero's atrocities become more extreme and he burns Rome, laying the blame on the Christians. Vinicius races to save Lygia from the wrath of Nero as the empire of Rome collapses around them.

A fierce Roman general becomes infatuated with a beautiful Christian hostage and begins questioning the tyrannical leadership of the despot Emporer Nero. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Thomas W (es) wrote: A small Tribeca Film Fest entry, Monogamy has a nice and respectable performance at its heart (Rashida Jones -- The Social Network, I Love You Man, Parks and Recreation); but the story boggles itself down with a delirious subtext of obsession that I found distracting and overly time-consuming. The story is about a young NYC couple a few months away from their upcoming marriage -- Jones and Chris Messina (Julie & Julia, Devil, Away We Go) -- who come upon a rough spot in their relationship. A wedding photographer who has grown bored with the monotony and routine, Theo (Messina) starts up a side job which has clients contact him to take voyeuristic photographs of them. Theo quickly becomes obsessed with his latest client known as "Subgirl" and, well, his obesession takes over not only his life and relationship but the film as well. At times it is too cosuming for a viewer because the film appeared to be equally about the couple; but there are longs spells with no Jones. The story is a decent one -- one about fidelity and devotion -- but it takes some spills with Theo's perplexed mind. While the story is realistic and the relationship at its core doesn't appear to be "acted" (well done by Messina and Jones); I think the film took too many strolls from the narrative thread that mattered and in doing-so relegated Jones to a minor character. The film simply isn't consistent would be my biggest complaint. I liked what I saw until what I saw didn't matter ... and that is about a fourth of the film when Theo is busy being a voyeur. That -- itself is kind of strange -- as voyeurism is watching and those were the least-watchable scenes in Monogamy. This film isn't ALWAYS pleasant and happy; but is Monogamy?

Kyle F (ca) wrote: Quite a slow moving film which takes quite a while to get going, this, is my only real criticism. Other than that the film is really well directed with great camera work, okay plot and really good action and gun fights, although not as much action as first thought. Highly stylized as it should be, being a Hong Kong action move. Overall good film, wouldn't say its going to be a classic, up there with the likes of, Hard boiled and a better tomorrow, ect but deffinetly a good watch for fans of the Hong Kong action genre.

Agravat B (nl) wrote: hillarious benot was great! Last ten minutes is amazing

Curtis J (es) wrote: Better than average but having a hard time saying it was great just because the story just seemed to fall flat at the end. The grandmother was very funny, especially closer to the end of the movie but I think I just found myself frustrated with the fact that Jimi couldn't seem to step up and actually resolve the whole situation.

ArslaN O (ca) wrote: Cant you see some Good movies ' ?

Zeljka M (ru) wrote: Must be a good movie cuz MJ is acting

James T (gb) wrote: Same story as the one we already know, Dangerous Liason's told in a korean way LOL, Not a bad story, nothing new on offer if you have seen any of the numerous other versions of this story, Boy gets challange, boy falls in love, boy has sad end... nothing new really.

Troy F (mx) wrote: Maybe a few laughs in this one, but only for the sake of how dumb this movie is...

stuart L (nl) wrote: Fun but not the best

Kyle B (it) wrote: Wonderfully uplifting story of missionary service.

Jean J (ca) wrote: great religious themed movie


Alex K (ag) wrote: Underrated this is a bloody good film

Peter W (br) wrote: the demon knight statue monster is badass.

Scott R (ag) wrote: Props for trying a new angle on film. It did appeal having that personal look at each character they interacted with.

Greg R (us) wrote: A movie being filmed with no knowledge that the team would win a World Series. After 86 years! Incredible!

Christian S (ru) wrote: first one is better. This one is fun though

Raffy John M (de) wrote: The theme of the movie is great. It has suspense and incredible but the ending was just so annoying. Maybe it is good to have a life but Zeke?s interest in watching real operas can be put into something helpful. Maybe can solve the building?s problem of killing.

Adam R (kr) wrote: Totally hilarious! It is a little crude, but is still one of the best movies the Farrelly Brothers have made. (First viewing - Teen years)