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Raaja torrent reviews

Breann K (it) wrote: Holden Caulfield would hate this movie.

Jonathan A (jp) wrote: Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster offer up decent enough performances, but they're soon let down by weird and confusing plot twists that are completely unnecessary for a sci-fi/action film like this. Still, it's simple and naturalistic pursuit to tell a cheap story with cool-looking special-effects sometimes proves effective in the scenes involving creepy creatures. Just prepare to be let-down by a shoddy-looking ending.

Tyler H (us) wrote: After hearing not so great things about this sequel, I went with pretty low expectations, and yes it did keep me entertained throughout, but it wasn't even close to being as good as Tim Sullivan's first film, which I loved! The acting was pretty bad, but that doesn't bother me at all, the audio seemed really off at times, and the effects weren't as good as the first film either, but overall, I was never bored throughout the hour and 20 minutes it was on, but it doesn't come close to the totally awesome first film.

Jessica H (nl) wrote: Tony Jaa is amazing, this film is not.

Sean R (jp) wrote: One of the best comedies with the team of Estevez and Dreyfuss. With a little mix of O'Donnald, it was worth the watch!

Adam R (au) wrote: (First and only viewing - 7/20/2008)

Eline D (ru) wrote: ashamed to say that i only now watched this film - the Dutch pride of our "film industry". 1973 and you wouldn't really know it. of course the clothing and the language, but still. and what audacity to make this movie in 1973. of course, it was a different era, the summer of love and all. nevertheless, this film shows more than most and shows it in a all natural fashion - the way life, love and sex really is.what happened to the Dutch film industry?!...

Jon A (jp) wrote: Surely the setting most suited to ethe Carry On gang? Not the best dialogue of the series but still fun.

Danny T (gb) wrote: In medieval Russia, a compassionate painter of cathedral icons grapples with his insensitive times. Andrei Tarkovsky's brilliant epic is widely interpreted as an allegory for the director's own artistic stagnation while under Soviet control. It's also an unparalleled formal achievement -- three hours of sublime transitions, camera moves, and lighting techniques leading to an indescribably magnificent denouement.

Daniel C (fr) wrote: Raw and powerful, and better than the cleaned-up cinematic version.

Shawn H (mx) wrote: Just a fun, feel-good movie, of course with "life lessons" and all that sort of thing. Quite enjoyable.