Raavan story is about a Raavan (Vikram) who is waiting for a chance to take revenge on a police officer Ram (Prithviraj) who was responsible for the death of his sister. At the same time Ram gets married to his love Janaki (Aishwarya Rai).But on the very next day of the marriage Raavan kidnaps Janaki and takes her away. Later Janaki comes to know of the real Ram and falls in love with Raavan. In the end after a fiery duel Raavan Vikram loses to Ram Prithvi. But when Ram wanted to take Janaki back home she refuses to go and stays with Raavan.

A bandit leader kidnaps the wife of the policeman who killed his sister, but later falls in love with her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raavanan torrent reviews

Fidel A (es) wrote: A heartwarming, empowering display of the strength of women. A true story brought to life by top notch performances.

Daniel W (us) wrote: A fresh and new creative breeze to the dying Hong Kong film scene. Vulgar but realistic scenarios that presents a delightful surprise but still has some dull scenes typical of romance genre in HK. It pieces together into a lovely piece that worth watching over and over again. Sweet cast.

Michael M (de) wrote: The ending will leave you hungry, admittedly, but it's a great ride. It plays out like some admittedly good combination of noir and comedy that is both black and blue. Check it out if you get the chance.

Mayank F (au) wrote: i saw it a few years back and i quite remember i liked it but didnt actually notice support cast actually doing something.

Kristy R (au) wrote: I second what KM said - "Every dumb teenage sex comedy plus every cheesy B-grade horror flick, with that added German view, all dubbed into English. Awesome!... "

Demetrios M (us) wrote: Relationships and performances are very strong in this film. Does it really tell us anything? Not really.

JamMan M (au) wrote: Watched about an hour of it, couldn't finish it. The Seismologist lady seemed a bit racist and the over all acting was mediocre, but made for some humorous moments.

Alex F (it) wrote: my favorite movie so far

ClaRita C (mx) wrote: Hah! you thought pretending to be a woman would get you some extra cash and an inner view to titties and luscious lumps? well, think again!. Welcome to the life of harassment, stalkers, offensive marriage offers from pervs, under appreciation, lack of respect and suggested rape to keep your life going, and you can't talk about it because you have to keep your job. You get to see Dustin Hoffman's big ass nose cover the screen for quite some time!.