Three friends drive from Holland to Morocco to deliver a taxi to a family friend, but the trip turns out more complicated than expected.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:102 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Dutch,French,Spanish,Arabic,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:place name in title,   party,   taxi,  

Three friends drive from Holland to Morocco to deliver a taxi to a family friend, but the trip turns out more complicated than expected. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Hunter R (jp) wrote: Greatest documentary ever made.

Britton U (de) wrote: A great and very funny film from The Duplass Brothers. This story could have been overproduced, familiarized and over-gagged, had they let it. But Jay and Mark show a rare sensibility and self-imposed responsibility toward keeping things real. Awkwardly real, when that's where real goes. And such is the joy of this film. A great story about two brothers rediscovering the love ("it's there, there's no love lost..." they just have to find it). I'm gladdened that these kinds of films still find a way to get made.

David G (gb) wrote: Unusual romantic drama about a Washington DC cop (Harrison Ford) and congresswoman (Kristen Scott Thomas) who discover their other halves were having an affair when both are killed in a plane crash while en route to Miami for a secret weekend away together. The two decide to investigate the affair, all the while having to deal not only with their grief but with the pain of betrayal, and in their confusion and despair, begin an affair of their own. What makes the film "unusual" (in my book) is that there is no conspiracy regarding the plane crash or anything like that, the film deals purely with the aftermath of the affair's discovery and how it affects the two leads. What you see is what you get. Make no mistake though, there's more than enough going on to keep you interested with plenty of heavy drama and excellent performances from Ford and KST, who make the most of their complicated, beautifully-characterised roles. In fact, you could argue that there's too *much* going on. With the affair fallout and relationship between the two leads taking up the lion's share of the running time, there's little left over to devote to sub-plots relating to their professional lives (KST running for re-election, Ford attempting to nail a dirty cop). Both stories show a lot of promise but end up as little more than footnotes.

Rockmary M (mx) wrote: jared harris makes a great andy. :)it shows sick life of some too clever and philosophical artists, who came to the idea of denying their superego.nice music!

Eurydice H (ag) wrote: A sweet film that shows the deep connection between the landscape and the people, and teaches that true love is never worth giving up on no matter how testing!

Chris D (nl) wrote: Great movie series, Must See On Blu-Ray to appreciate....