Race to Win

Race to Win

After losing her father, a young women must find the strength to face her fears and compete in the race of her life or her family will lose everything.

After losing her father, a young women must find the strength to face her fears and compete in the race of her life or her family will lose everything. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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CB M (jp) wrote: An oddly focused and somewhat unbalanced narration of Britain's first and only female PM is saved by Streep's intimate performance.

Andrea M (fr) wrote: this is by far a must-see.ridiculous from the get-go with a finale that can only be described as a humongous pay-off.the antagonist is also this perfectly creepy blend of bill pulman and alan rickman. no joke. there was some genetic splicing going on here for sure.

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Bret L (de) wrote: Catherine Zeta Jones

Stuart C (de) wrote: Excellent flick. Well worth the cost of the DVD/blu ray

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Theodore B (us) wrote: An interseting concept where lives cross at a junction.

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Ian R (fr) wrote: Low budget but fun and with a message. It's worth a watch

Matthew D (it) wrote: One of Hitchcock's most balanced comedies; neither too frenetic nor too sluggish. The clever intertwining plots are allowed to develop at a natural pace and the laughs too, while only lightly sprinkled throughout, are mercifully unforced, a problem that plagued the director's other straight-up comedies. The thing that makes Family Plot stand-out as worthy as Hitch's last film is the running commentary on his style, which adds more value to fans of the master of suspense than the casual viewer; the mention of a 'perfect murder' in someone's past made me realise it could be seen as a pseudo-sequel to many of Hitchcock's thrillers, a commentary on what would happen next to many of his protagonists. As such it is a perfect swan song from the great director.

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Anthony W (es) wrote: Though certainly nowhere near on par with Hitchcock's classic "Rear Window," Disturbia still delivers the suspense it seeks while also mixing in awkward humor to make for a satisfying thriller.

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Kimbo J (ru) wrote: The story of a petty man out for "justified" violent revenge for something he stupidly instigated in the first place. Terrible movie.