Racing Daylight

Racing Daylight

Sadie thinks she's going insane. Edmund is sure he's being haunted. And Henry, well Henry's just racing daylight.

Sadie thinks she's going insane. Edmund is sure he's being haunted. And Henry, well Henry's just racing daylight. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tara D (jp) wrote: Awesome movie..very fun..loved it

Pavan R (us) wrote: An interesting story with fair performances and direction. But overall it's just a average movie not standing out too much.

Thomas B (nl) wrote: I usually like movies set in the 1950's. not this one. You know it's gonna be bad when the movie starts out copying "a Bronx tale". Believe me, this moving is not even close to being good.

Sorcha F (ag) wrote: good fun and a very enjoyable performance by George Hamilton

Tim R (gb) wrote: My dad dragged me (a kid) to this when it 1st came out 'cause mom didn't want to go. Too bad, we laughed our asses off. Wayne and Maureen O'Harra coudn't be a better match in movie-heaven.

Nandi C (ca) wrote: Honey, Harlow is her ultimate worst as a bed hopping, gold digging sister who uses her means and ways to get what she wants out of men. There's even a song, "Red Headed Woman" included. of course, this is the 1930s, but thank God for imaginations.

Dann M (es) wrote: Gwyneth Paltrow gives the performance of her life in the powerful character drama Proof. In the wake of her father's death after a prolonged struggle with Alzheimer's disease, Catherine starts to question her own sanity, which gets exacerbated when her father's former grad student discovers a mathematical proof that she claims to have written but looks like her father's work. Accompanying Paltrow are Anthony Hopkins and Jake Gyllenhaal, who both deliver extraordinary performances. But it's Paltrow's outstanding work that carries the film, as she gives a brilliant introspective look into the mind of Catherine as she struggles to find the truth and come to terms with her fears. Yet some credit needs to go to director John Madden, who does an incredible job at drawing the audience into Catherine's struggle, and keeps the question of her mental illness and the authorship the proof constantly in question. Proof is an exceptionally well-crafted and transcendent film that deals with some provocative and controversial issues.

Evan J (ca) wrote: I couldn't think of a better movie to watch before my trip to Vegas.A lot of people complain that Showgirls is over the top, trashy, and ridiculous. That is EXACTLY what Vegas is! This film perfectly captures the essence of what Las Vegas is without sugar coating it. The environment that this film portrays could only exist in Las Vegas. On the surface LV seems like a glamourous place, but on the inside its a very gritty and sleazy place. The visuals in this film only add to the perfect environment that Verhoeven has created. There are some truly masterful shots of the city in the backdrop throughout the entire film.I personally love all the performances. Kyle MacLachlan plays the ultimate slime ball. Elizabeth Berkley plays a character that is just trying to make it in this world and she will do whatever it takes to get there. Gina Gershon plays the perfect villainous goddess. Both of these ladies are so fierce and I was captivated by both of them. Everyone in this film over-acts, but that's the point!Showgirls is a movie I will defend until the day I die. This film is a look at the America's obsession with money, power, and fame and how the three are intertwined in the downfall of our culture. Money, power, and fame changes people and usually for the worse. This film is a perfect exploitation and satire of America. This film is not so bad its good. Showgirls is genuinely a great film. I also have to give a ton of credit to Joe Eszterhas, the writer. This film's script is perfect. Do we really think the master of satire, Paul Verhoeven didn't know what he was doing with this film?

Sebastian T (it) wrote: One of the greatest movies of the 21st century so far.