A BMX racer who lives in a small town with his mother and sister is faced with a tough decision, qualify for Helltrack or take his SAT's in order to attend college.

The film's story focuses on Cru Jones, a small-town hero, who has the intensity and desire to win a BMX race called Helltrack where Cru is up against the big-monied sponsor's champion Bart Taylor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gareth K (ru) wrote: some big bastards. #gcb

Hieu N (mx) wrote: Very well done and acted, with such a controversial topic, but somehow it fell flat for me. Such a shame.

Heather B (es) wrote: Funny!!! Really funny!

Antonis Z (de) wrote: The portrait of an extraordinary character, both murky and funny, is developed in a very interesting story here. A blend of social satire and political drama turns this peculiar character study to a funny and chilling spectacle. The degrading effect of the dictatorship to the lives of the people is cautiously and very effectively projected through this story. An amusing contrast between understated feelings and powerful reactions draws the lines of the portrait that's been skillfully correlated to the presented political situation. Director Pablo Loraine shows dedication to his presentation and part of the movie's success belongs to the committed performance by lead actor Alfredo Castro. However, their dedication sometimes results to a character completely detached from reality. In any way, that's an unconventional and unexpectedly entertaining social satire.

Barry T (jp) wrote: very original and exciting

Rachel B (de) wrote: One of the worst movies I've ever seen. You keep waiting for a point. There isn't one. And the acting is AWFUL. I think high school video class students could do better. Seriously. Just don't watch it.

Ricky W (jp) wrote: this movie was cool for about 10 minutes and then i was over it... blowssssss

Karo B (fr) wrote: Lacked clarity and substance, but was disturbingly good in that indie way.

Dyfed P (es) wrote: A war film equal if not better than western counterparts.

James T (nl) wrote: I like my low budget horror; there is a point where a film is so bad it becomes good. Unfortunately Strange Things is just the wrong side of that point. This is only a film for the truly hardcore connoisseurs of bad horror.

Ria E (jp) wrote: The truth always hurts but i'm glad that natives are finally moving up in the film industry.

Jordan K (es) wrote: One of the first big signs that Adam Sandler's movies were turning into awful sellout bullcrap. Sandler gives an incredibly half assed performance as a bland yet "heroic" character, attempts to deliver a message it can't give well - Mr. Deeds is awful in every aspect.A small town pizzeria owner, Longfellow Deeds, learns he is the nephew of a wealthy investor and president of a international company and inherits his money and the rights to become the owner. However, business doesn't show up so much when Deeds is legitimately stalked by a celebrity gossip show's crew, falling in love with one of their reporters posing to be a kind nurse.Ugh, is this bad. Sandler isn't even funny in this, neither is really anyone. Sandler's character is basically just a clumsy but kind schmuck, and every cliche in the book is here, including the constant message that money isn't everything being shoved in the viewers' faces. Characters are bland as always in a Sandler flick made after 1999. Story is actually a remake of a 1936 film that seems to be a lot better, if only it weren't tampered with to become a goofball pile of giving the rich and savvy what's theirs...kinda.

Damon R (ru) wrote: It's been years since I've seen Kindergarten Cop, and it's still one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's best films ever.

bill s (fr) wrote: Style over substance....what a shame.

Robert K (br) wrote: Tragic ghost story of love and revenge. A visual treat. Meow!

Dave J (gb) wrote: WWII used as backdrop

Abdiel Y (it) wrote: When you turn on the TV and see Vivian leigh in a movie, you stop what you're doing and you watch that movie.

Lisa R (gb) wrote: Its just not worth the time... there weren't any high point to this movie either.

Auli H (ru) wrote: A strong health argument for vegetarian diet and against eating animal protein and processed food.