Radio Free Albemuth

Radio Free Albemuth

Record store clerk Nick Brady begins to experience strange visions from an entity he calls VALIS that cause him to uproot his family and move to Los Angeles where he becomes a successful music company executive. Nick finds himself drawn into a dangerous political-mystical conspiracy of cosmic proportions.

Berkeley record store clerk Nick Brady (Jonathan Scarfe) begins to experience strange visions from an entity he calls VALIS that cause him to uproot his family and move to Los Angeles where... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dinesh P (nl) wrote: The director creates and very nice world in UP wherein their is nexus between politicians, police force to create a gangster for their purposes and then knock him off when he is of no use to them. Interestingly one character stays in jail and runs political clout from their. But the film drags and worst is the climax which is highly unsatisfying.

Liy N (de) wrote: It was a beautiful movie, and I'm looking for more like this one.

Leigh N (nl) wrote: Cute. Fun. Love it!

Alejandro E (ru) wrote: A messy triangle of love with witty touches of humor.Good excuse to see the early efforts of Wes Anderson

Senor C (nl) wrote: After watching Breaking Point I did some reading of outside reviews & people are really harsh to this movie. Personally for a low budget Canadian made revenge flix I thought it was pretty good. Hardly a classic of the genre & not Bob Clark's best work. If you want to split hairs as a follow up to Black Christmas it is fairly weak but it doesn't demand too much out of you & Im always a fan of what Canadian film makers were doing back in the day. Bob Svenson has never been a big name star but he does have screen presence & does add even if his projects aren't always up to par. Laughed my ass off @ Robert Culp who's a cop w/ absolutely no intuition. He basically signed everyone's death warrant trying to hunt his big fish. If I was Svenson I would have come hunting for his ass too just for putting his family's lives in jeopardy

Eliabeth Y (br) wrote: Many years ago it seems now, I was suffering from another bout of insomnia, as well as writer's block and I was flipping through channels until I came to IFC and I stumbled upon this wonderful movie. Naturally, I had to watch it because it had my all-time favorite actor, Jeremy Irons in it. How could I not? As it turned out, I loved this beautiful little movie that no-one saw when it came out in theaters back in 1992. I didn't know it was based on a novel until recently so I went and I bought it. Now it waits patiently for me to devour it as soon as this semester is through. I haven't seen this movie in a very long time but there are images from it that have stayed with me like the drifting spirits in the Fens. The cinematography in this film was breathtaking and I found out that it was done by the master, Robert Elswit who did the cinematography for 8MM.Not for the faint of heart but if you like a really great story like I do, this one will not disappoint.

Nico S (br) wrote: This movie is a slow burn with some very intense and gruesome scenes. Kathy Bates is absolutely fantastic in her role; James Caan is also very good. The movie is surprisingly funny at times, which shouldn't be a surprise since Rob Reiner is behind the camera.

Kristie L (ca) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time. My brother and I still use lines from it. Its not a great movie per say but it is so fun and light hearted and easy to relate to. I miss movies like this!

Paul L (jp) wrote: One of the best movies of all time

Pavan R (br) wrote: Probably one of Amitabh's worse movie..remember watching it in the cinema with all the family and coming back disappointed

Lee M (nl) wrote: This is a pinnacle of horror cinema: atmospheric, rhapsodic and -- especially in the slow-burn confrontations between Lucy and her otherworldly inamorato -- achingly transcendent.

Casey B (it) wrote: Unflinching character study featuring a superb performance from Hoffman in a very difficult role.

Orlok W (gb) wrote: A first-rate movie, witty and cynical--Cool, Ironic Caper Movie!!

Chrisanne S (nl) wrote: Not their best but better than some.