A missionary tries to reform a prostitute trapped on a Pacific island.

A prostitute finds redemption in Pago Pago thanks to a hard missionary man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Drew M (us) wrote: 3 1/2 Stars. Very well casted and acted but the filmmaking and screenwriting left me pretty cold. I mean, it looks good and is edited well but there's nothing that really stuck out to me. Journeyman-esque filmmaking I'd say. Very much a prestige flick but worth telling.

Darren C (gb) wrote: Super fun, happy and huggy.

Chris N (es) wrote: One of the most original character studies I've seen in a while. ''Zero Charisma'' is a smart, fascinating dark comedy that works very well thanks to a focused, great script & a brilliant, layered performance from Sam Eidson. This is bound to go down as one of the most underrated films of the year. Also, that ending was just perfect.

LydiaMarie J (es) wrote: Superior to Long walk to freedom, in essence a love story where something goes terribly wrong. Conditions in SA and specifically in jail much better portrayed in Winnie. Heart warming and terrifying. Watched it three times in 3 days! Much less Hollywood than similar movies on Mandela's life.

Jackalqueen (kr) wrote: It's rare to find a film where I can't think of a single thing I liked about it... but I found it here in Hallettsville.Maybe it's the fact that the actors are also the writers, producers, executive producers - it all feels very like some friends got together and made it themselves. Hats off to them for trying but it just doesn't work. They may have been strapped for cash but if you can't act, you need to hire actors, there is no getting around that.The film opens with a flashback to 1901 where a class full of young school children are slaughtered by their teacher. The film then jumps to present day.As happens so often in American films, Tyler's grandmother happens to have a holiday home in the middle of the country, just standing around empty so he decides to go for the weekend with his friends. His mother tries to dissuade him because her brother died there when she was young but they go anyway. They have a run in with local law enforcement who don't like strangers so you know they are going to make an appearance again later.Back at the house, a couple of them start seeing ghostly figures and them some of them start dying mysteriously - for us, as well as the others. We see people fine one minute, blood pumping out of them the next, with no explanation. They go down to the cellar looking for weapons and find a journal which we later find contains demon worshipping spells. There are some random occurrences of people being attacked by ghosts and a demon but it doesn't make any sense. The demon was raised to heal the school teacher and needs blood sacrifices which was why the children were killed at the start but it never explains who raised it this time or why it still needs blood sacrifices. It also needs to kill the firstborn in every generation, which explains why it's after Tyler but no one else. The only famous name in this is Gary Busey, and on the strength of this film, it's liable to stay that way for some time. The story is confusing and can't decide if it's a ghost story or a demon story, the acting ranges from awful to OK at best and literally the last ten minutes of the film is shots of scenery set to music until the last 30 seconds when it cuts to a baby in a cot (the new firstborn) and then the credits roll.If you don't like seeing children killed, you won't like it. If you like a plot that makes some kind of sense, you won't like it. If you need actors to be able to act a little, you won't like it. If you like a bit of sex or nudity with your horror, you won't like it. In fact, I really can't recommend this I'm afraid, it has nothing to redeem it at all.

Oomatlito C (br) wrote: Sper chido film. Un viaje al mundo gpsy Musikal. Vivelo!

ritelle anne g (br) wrote: one of my fave band!!

David G (mx) wrote: I've never been so pissed off by a movie like this since...ever!

Atul S (us) wrote: A Robert Redford Classic! And a classic anyways. The fastest pace of a slow movie, ever!

Kevin M W (ag) wrote: Old school mallet about murderous corruption in high places when a charismatic anti-status quo leader is mysteriously struck down during a public rally. An international cast lend mucho gravitas to the seemingly quick proceedings. Also at play, amongst other things, is the simmering violent capabilities quietly waiting beneath the surface of "normal, working citizens". Must see.

Andrew M (jp) wrote: 2012 is one of the best disaster films ever. I couldn't believe all of the action and fear that this film brought. John Cusack was made to play the main role in this movie. This movie is unforgettable and unbelievable. I would very much suggest this movie.

Carole S (au) wrote: I'm always very judgmental when it comes to books or movies on Anne Boleyn. I'm very protective over this historical person, I'm not exactly sure why. I have a connection with her that I can't quite explain. I try to keep an open mind in all things, but my opinions and thoughts about her story won't change. However, I force myself to give the movie or book a chance.To be blunt...I enjoyed this movie. It maybe old, but I loved it. Even though some of the time line was a little off, I didn't care. Odd. I just watched the movie in awe-silenced. I believed that it should have won some sort of award. Maybe not an Oscar, but perhaps a Golden Globe or something.I loved all the actors in their roles. They all did wonderful. It was odd, I actually really like this version of Henry VIII. Usually actors who play the vengeful king play him to be a complete jerk and a heartless man. However, Richard Burton played him completely different. Henry seemed like a cool guy and he was nice to everyone, except when someone made him mad, then the typical Henry came out. I also enjoyed how Anne was portrayed. She was more cold and hateful towards Henry. She made it perfectly clear that she didn't like him, but Henry kept perusing her until she fell in love with him.The only negative thing I can think off about this film was a couple of the scenes that should have been edited and changed. A couple times I cringed and was tempted to fast forward at. For example, Anne's execution scene. Really? It was extremely cheesy and just...wrong. They didn't even include her speech. Also, the dancing scenes seemed odd and just thrown together at the last minute. I couldn't stand those scenes.Besides for a couple of scenes I loathed, I really did love the movie. It was cute and different. It told the story from a different view. A lot of the characters were played in a different light, which I highly enjoyed. it was a different look at an old story. Out of five stars I grant this one five stars. ^.^ I recommend that everyone who loves history, the tudors, or just a good old movie should watch this.favorite character: Anne Boleyn, of course!Not-so-favorite character: Cromwell the lawyer

Andy C (ru) wrote: A film made with plot twists in mind. There are no characters worth rooting for and no red herrings that make a whole lot of sense.

Sara C (es) wrote: Not bad a few good laughs

Michael K (it) wrote: This movie basically shows all the reasons why I moved away from New York. People that think Manhattan is the world and corporate America is the god and they can ignore what everybody else in America thinks. Shallow, bloodless hipsters, narrow minded and boring. I made it to minute 48, than I had to stop.