Rain in the Mountains

Rain in the Mountains

Eric Smallhouse is a Native American who believes it's his destiny to lead his people back to the old ways. Undaunted by his complete lack of knowledge about those ways, he drags his son on a quest to reclaim the past. Failing miserably, Eric begins to think that the modern world with its modern conveniences is the real enemy, and his antics soon leave him on the run from the authorities.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
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Eric Smallhouse is a Native American who believes it's his destiny to lead his people back to the old ways. Undaunted by his complete lack of knowledge about those ways, he drags his son on... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rain in the Mountains torrent reviews

Jan S (de) wrote: Action flick meets history lesson. Actually pretty good!

David S (ca) wrote: What a movie. Real Navy Seals playing erm Navy Seals. Superb and shot in the style of Call Of Duty. Gripping, edgy and above all real

Nikhil M (it) wrote: There was no logic in this movie, but still it was cute and enjoyable. The movie will become more interesting if you notice few small things while watching this movie.

Chris W (br) wrote: If you mix vintage Woody Allen with some of the works of Charlie Kaufman (especially Being John Malkovich), then you basically get this movie...and that's not a bad thing, especially since this film didn't feel like a total rip-off.Actor Paul Giamatti plays an actor named Paul Giamatti who, while rehearsing for Chekhov's Uncle Vanya, feels his soul become burdened under the weight of the material. To remedy the situation, he goes to a company that extracts and stores people's stores. You can also swap out your soul for someone else's if you so desire. Now soulless, Giamatti is able to get through the play, but now he also finds life without his own soul more intoelrable than before. He tries to go get his soul back, but through a snafu, his soul has been taken and sold on the black market and is now being used by a Russian soap opera actress in St. Petersburg. With the help of the "soul mule" Giamatti goes to Russia to reclaim what's his, in a new twist on the term soul searching.This is a wild concept, and, though the end result is pretty polarizing, I found it to be a lot of fun. It is a very cold and clinical film, and while there is humor, it is extremely dry and dark in nature. There are a couple of parts that are legitimately laugh out loud funny, but the bulk of the humor is very offbeat.What keeps the film from beign a total rip-off is that things are more accessible here than they are with some od Kaufman's works. Sure, there's his influence on the material, but it definitely holds up as being it's own kind of thing. It also helps that the actors give some wonderful performances, especially Giamatti who has to portray himself with and without his own soul (and yes, there are differences, no matter how subtle). David Strathairn is also fun as the head of the soul extraction company, and for me it was nice to see Lauren Ambrose as the doctor's assistant, though I wish she'd had more screentime and had mroe to do. Emily Watson adds some weight to the proceedings in a small but important role as Paul's wife, but for me, the two standouts other than Giamatti are Dina Korzun as the mule and Katheryn Winnick as the Russian actress.All in all, this is an enjoyable and really well done film. I may be overly enthusiastic, but I can't help it. The film just really spoke to me, and was just the thing I needed to watch after a sleepless night before a super long day at work.

Aayush K (mx) wrote: A tense, stunning and pulse-pounding thriller that explodes with action, excitment, and suspense. A truly thrilling, gripping, nail-biting and breathtaking adventure . Adreniline-pumping. Was rivetted to the movie towards the end. Got so tense in the Hostage resuce scene i could literally feel my heart pumping . Russell Crowe is awesome . Don't know why these movies are criticised for 'weak script and poor acting' . Even the 2.9 Average rating doesn't justify anything . Watch this movie if you want to get your heart pounding .

MF J (ru) wrote: This is a Lindsay Lohan flick aimed mostly to young teenage girls. Captain Kirk aka Chris Pine is in it and to this day he must be wondering what the hell happened to him the day he signed up for this film. It's not a bad film just a girly little flick that will be forgotten right after watching it. Still the concept is interesting, the actor are pleasant to watch, Lohan has a certain appeal for an audience for sure.... it's just a random film. No offense.

Jerem M (fr) wrote: A nice, safe, feel-good family film about a girl's love for horses. Notable for *child* actors Elizabeth Taylor, Mickey Rooney and =-O... Angela Landsbury!?

Sam W (ag) wrote: A mildly amusing and entertaining film which accomplishes everything it sets out to do except make you laugh. Although it has a good premise and lead actor, it lacks originality and plays it far too safe with the content. Lots of animals and a moral message, but the blue screen quality varies significantly, and although silly in parts, it is rarely ever funny.

Joel S (it) wrote: A generic, forgettable studio piece from the early nineties that happened to be one of my childhood staples for some reason. It kinda worked for me back in the day, and it definitely has at least a few laughs.