Four kids and a dog embark on the adventure of a lifetime -- the search for the end of the Rainbow. With the aid of computers and an irrepressible belief, they achieve the impossible, ...

Four kids embark on the adventure of a lifetime -- the search for the end of the Rainbow. With the aid of computers and an irrepressible belief, they achieve the impossible, finding and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rainbow torrent reviews

David R (it) wrote: Worth it simply to watch Buck Henry complain about the free buffet at the sex club. It is time for the second coming of Buck Henry!

Michael M (mx) wrote: While still an excellent movie, it could have been one of the all-time greats if they include either gun battle. And of course if not for that horrible, horrible ending. It's like everything just leads to disappointment.

Simon D (ag) wrote: It's interesting that the Germans describe West Germanys' 54 world cup win as a miracle, and then passing it off with several innocent theories in this film such as "it rained", "West Germany had secret lightweight studded boots", and "a soppy little kid, who was the lucky charm of the winning goal scorer, turned up just in time". In fact the real reason that West Germany won in 54 was, as several retired Hungarian players admitted, that they paid them to lose. And while i'm on the subject, under modern rules, they would have gone out in the first round on goal difference but this hadn't been invented yet. Still, it wasn't such a bad film, I've given it two stars, which is one less than West Germany used to wear on their shirts when it was a country, and two more than the present day Germany should be allowed to wear as they have never won a world cup as "Germany". It makes you sick, it does.

Joshua F (nl) wrote: Don't tell anyone I liked this rom-com!

Dax S (it) wrote: Not a huge fan of the concept.

Cheung Y (es) wrote: Once upon a time, When Yen is the most powerful money in the world. Dream and pathetic

Bruce R (ag) wrote: Linda Fiorentino sets the standard for femme fatales in one of the best neo-Noir films I've seen.

Lee M (ru) wrote: Between a 6/10 and 7/10, for those who know such places, Mr. Parker, who is English, evokes the texture, the gritty, fly-specked Southernness, the brooding sense of small-town menace, the racial hatred, with considerable accuracy.

Mike V (fr) wrote: hard to watch in lieu of the current nsa scandal, but this is still a very enjoyable flick.

Garry A (us) wrote: It's amazing the difference ten years can make. When this first came out I took it as a serious crime flick whereas a decade later it is clearly a pastiche. It's like the Ocean's 11 of revenge films but it's still wonderfully entertaining.

Tyrone F (fr) wrote: Not the Jack Ryan Clancy invented.

Yuri B (nl) wrote: Jones was hilarious... & Will Smith was well... Big Willie Style with it.

Tasma M (kr) wrote: How dare anyone hate this movie. Even movie critics fight me.

Mike M (ca) wrote: A nightmarish recounting of alien abduction stories and the ongoing effects on the victims is genuinely frightening in its portrayal. Based on real accounts, the mind boggles at the possibilities. Helmed by Dark Shadows/Night Stalker/Trilogy of Terror vet Dan Curtis, this TV mini-series from 1992 is worth finding (albeit on VHS, as the only DVD release is PAL). Convincing performances throughout, particularly the abductees.