Rainbow Boys: The Movie

Rainbow Boys: The Movie

Adapted from the American novel "Rainbow Boys" by Alex Sanchez, this Thai coming of age tale is chock full of cute young Asian boys! Nat the official school gayboy is in love with his best friend Tat. Tat is in love with school basketball hunk Ek, and Ek is supposedly in love with his girlfriend Da. Unfortunately Nat's love is unconsummated and Da finds herself without Ek as he struggles to come to terms with growing desires for men. Meanwhile, Ek and Tat form a bond that carefully steers towards a relationship despite the complications of homophobic school bullies and disgruntled uncomprehending parents.

Three teen students growing and maturing together in Bangkok, Thailand as they deal with family, peer pressure, and coming to terms with their own sexuality. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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