Believing actor and goodwill ambassador Shah Rukh Khan can help her brother get an operation to restore his sight, a 10-year old girl takes her blind 8-year old brother on a trek across Rajasthan in search of the superstar. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rainbow torrent reviews

Bryan D (kr) wrote: Now, I don't believe in ghosts, spirits or what not. Yet if I ever had a child that started to act all spooky and see things. Well. Time to move. I held off on seeing this one for awhile and despite the subject matter it is surprisingly strong in story an performance. It suffers from PG-13 and what looks to be some strange editing choices.Advisable when it hits Netflix or something otherwise take a pass unless you a horror nut like myself.

Adam K (ag) wrote: worst movie i ever saw the effects are sooo poor, acting made me want to punch them in the face

Wesley H (nl) wrote: A simple film that is warm and refreshingly clean and sincere. Though, I certainly wouldn't label it as a comedy.

Post O (es) wrote: Unpretentious fun Finding Bliss is a fun, clever, entertaining, and very unique peek at the "porn" business as seen through the eyes of a wannabe filmmaker. The story centers on Jody, who gets awarded "most likely to succeed" at her film school graduation, only to find out that her dreams of success in Hollywood may turn out to be, well just that, dreams. Through a series of both fortunate and unfortunate events, Jody finds herself working at Grind Productions, a purveyor of adult fare looking to crossover into mainstream entertainment. Circumstances then convince Jody, and the audience, that this is her best hope. Jody will offer her creative abilities to co-write and edit Grind's new crossover features and then secretly utilize the Grind facilities, gear, and "actors", to create her breakout independent feature. Porn and mainstream start off like apples and oranges, but as the story progresses, the lines begin to blur and Jody finds herself rethinking some of her preconceived notions about the biz, both Porn and Mainstream. This is a romantic comedy, and steers clear of some of the darker elements as presented in Boogie Nights and Zac and Miri. The sexuality and language are for laughs and not for shock, making this a great date night movie for adults. LeeLee Sobieski is great as Jody, and shows that if given the part, she can carry a movie. Matt Davis as Jeff Drake, the award winning Porn director brings great depth to his character and his complex past and present. The chemistry between Leelee and Matt is obvious. Jamie Kennedy's talents are well suited for his character Dick (literally and figuratively), and the rest of the cast in no particular order Kristen Johnston, Donnamarie Recco, Mircea Monroe, PJ Byrne complement the heart and soul of the story. A few industry cameos appear to spice up the backgrounds, and of course Ron Jeremy is, well he is Ron Jeremy, and always fun to see on screen (fully clothed not to worry). Good technical credits in photography and sound, however there are moments when the picture's low budget are obvious. But overall, a fun ride worth taking.

Dia P (it) wrote: Kunal Khemu beats my dil da dhol

Rob M (us) wrote: Sobering (?) documentary of what happens when a famous person is targeted for political gain. Open and straightforward movie.

Cheryl L (br) wrote: Seemed like it was drawn out for dramatic effect but I just felt that it was too slow moving. I've never been a fan of Hardy so I didn't expect it to be a cheery drama. The main players were effective in their roles but I didn't feel like the plot's time frame was long enough for the credibility of one of the love stories. Better than I thought but not one to add to my list of favourites.

Charles G (ag) wrote: Very trendy subject matter; however; I thought the movie was worth watching. But I am glad I just watched it because of NetFlix.

Alden S (mx) wrote: 2 out of 10:An incredibly cheesy movie to a pretty good franchise.

Shubhra R (es) wrote: I love this film. A beautiful and robust portrayal of family, and by extension, community, in New York City which has normally been a backdrop for crime, loneliness and neurotic white guys.

Reid D (it) wrote: This movie knocked me on my ass. Easily the most depressing and nihilistic movie I have seen in a LONG time. Take the themes presented in The Deer Hunter, the style of Eraserhead with a little bit of Taxi Driver via John Waters thrown in and you have one of the truly great indie films of the 80's. It starts with a gritty Vietnam flashback courtesy of the frayed mind of Frankie, a man living in urban sqaulor in Staten Island, New York. He wakes up in nasty apartment with a nagging wife and a deformed baby(most likely due to Frankie's Agent Orange exposure) that would make you want to adopt the offspring of Henry Spencer. What follows is a brutal slice-of-life portrait of one man's personal hell. Franke runs into pathetic junkies, violent pimps, and sadistic loan sharks, all the while trying to find food for his family and a job to support them. Throughout the film, through flashbacks, we learn that Frankie was captured, imprisoned, and tortured in Saigon. Frankie's bad luck and damged psychie all combine into a sickening, depressing climax that will stick with you for awhile after viewing. Not so much and explotation or horror film, but more of a character study of a violent victim of circumstance. Buddy Giovinazzo has great talent behind the camera, and worked wonders with such a low budget. His brother Rick, having never acted before embodies the tortured Franke, giving it an almost documentary feel to the film's proceedings. The score is great, with synthesizers letting us know this is an 80's film, but does not cheapen the experince. I recommend this movie to any film fan looking for a darker vision than what is at your local multiplex. Also, see the directors cut, titled American Nightmares, over the orginal theatrical release. The way it is edited is to make it look like an action film. Very silly-looking.

Ryan R (jp) wrote: Just straight up fun, Jackie Chan in one of his early films. His acrobatics and wackyness make this movie standout from other Kung Fu movies.

Charlie G (gb) wrote: Brilliant movie with a good cast. Watched this many times and I always enjoy it.Woman gets in an accident and looses her short term memory. Man convinces her each day to love him.

Jos C (fr) wrote: La fusion de todas las historias conmueve, un desenlace diverso para cada una, con un dolor latente en todas.

Jason Y (mx) wrote: Just rent it from netflix. Its so great.