Tells the story of two lovers, separated by destiny, who meet again one day. This encounter allows each to realize the truth about the lives they are living.

All he wanted was to see her just once. Manu was from a village in the backwoods. Neeru was the girl next door, his lost love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Raincoat torrent reviews

Cori A (nl) wrote: I love it. The thought of a girl being king Arthur and an evil step-brother saving whom he though was King Arthur. Amazing for a Disney Channel movie. (December 19, 2010)

Patrick B (au) wrote: I would give it less but it won't let me!

Becky A (ag) wrote: great movie a must see

Chosen 7 (ag) wrote: Decent film, good twist. I almost stopped watching it, it was kinda boring for the most part but I'm glad I finished watching it.

Michael B (us) wrote: It will be really hard for someone who doesn't understand the "patois" to enjoy this movie as much as I did! I love it. Jamaica's most monumental movie after "The Harder They Come" starring Jimmy Cliff!!!


Mark A (fr) wrote: One would think that a film based on a novel by one's favorite Southern Gothic author and directed by John Huston would be a sure-fire recipe for an enjoyable film. One would be wrong. Wooden characterizations, a severely limited emotional range, plot elements loosely thrown together, and diversions that went nowhere made this one that the viewer had to force himself to finish. The one bright spot in an otherwise dreadful film was Amy Wright as the young woman, Sabbath Lily. Innocence and worldly wisdom resided comfortably side by side in her characterization, and she could be seductive one minute and incredibly naive the next and make both completely believable. The two young men, Hazel Motes and Enoch Emory, played by Brad Dourif and Dan Shor, respectively, were nothing more than one-dimensional caricatures of backwoods southern boys. Hazel is a returning veteran who has lost his religion and moves to the big city. He is angry at the world and all of his lines and all of his energy was devoted to maintaining a righteous anger throughout. One quickly tired of his diatribes. Enoch, is the country bumpkin who becomes fascinated with whatever shiny thing is in front of his nose at the moment. He desperately wants people to like him, but his efforts to please them are so inept as to make his character pathetic rather than sympathetic. I expected batter from the legendary director and found this effort doubly disappointing.

Daniel B (fr) wrote: For such a talented bloke Peter Sellers was in a lot of crap films

Brian B (ru) wrote: Remarkable (and alarming) as a historical document, but not much of a movie....

Harriet M (ag) wrote: SPOILER ALERT: this movie sucks!

Alec M (de) wrote: what did you expect from a movie with Dane Cook and Jessica Simpson as comedic leads

Jose Miguel G (us) wrote: It does lack some of the freshness that the first one has in its story department, but the charisma of the casting, preserved elements from the first film and the original movies, not to mention a great performance by Benedict Cumberbatch, help stand this follow up out of the mediocrity a lot of sequels suffers.

Alden S (us) wrote: 10 out of 10:For a Few Dollars More kind of improved over the first with a better story and more thrilling action, while keeping the great acting and directing.