Raise the Red Lantern

Raise the Red Lantern

China in the 1920s. After her father's death, 19 year old Songlian is forced to marry the much older lord of a powerful family. With three wives already, each living in a separate house within the great castle, there is fierce competition for his attention and the privileges that are gained. This competition gets out of hand...

A young woman becomes the fourth wife of a wealthy lord, and must learn to live with the strict rules and tensions within the household. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raise the Red Lantern torrent reviews

Evan M (us) wrote: A brutal and unflinching character study from start to finish. Stellar performances all around.

Mike D (ca) wrote: So poorly executed. But atleast 2 good spots for "that's what she said". #LucyHale

Sam S (it) wrote: Great bio-pic on my favorite Rolling Stones member Brian Jones. I had no idea he was the founding member of the group.

Adam F (es) wrote: "Swamp Thing" is a fairly low-budget monster movie that somehow manages to overcome its problems and turn out to be a pretty entertaining story. Based on the character from DC Comics, it follows Government agent Alice Cable (Adrienne Barbeau) who comes to work at a top-secret bio-engineering lab in the middle of the Louisiana swamps. At the lab, Cable meets Dr. Alec Holland (Ray Wise) and his sister Linda (Nannette Brown) who have just developed an incredible formula that increases plant growth. The formula is so potent that even a few drop on a 2 x 4 will result in lush, green branches in just a few minutes. Cable and Alec develop feelings for each other but the celebrations are cut short when a paramilitary group led by the evil Dr. Anton Arcane (Louis Jourdan) commandeers the base. Arcane and his men murder everyone inside to get access to the newfound formula, except Cable who is able to escape. Poor Alec is covered with chemicals and set on fire. He runs into the swamp and disappears into the water, only to return later, ready to protect Cable and take down the bad guys as a mutated plant-human hybrid dubbed Swamp Thing. The film has numerous flaws and while they're not so bad that they make the film unwatchable or even unpleasant to watch, it's impossible to ignore them. One of the biggest problems is the special effects. Swamp Thing looks pretty good when the camera doesn't linger on him for too long, but whenever there's a close-up, you can clearly tell that it's a rubber suit. This is an instance where the film would have been much better if it had been set mostly at night, in the shadows or if the creature had been created with a combination of makeup, stop-motion and costumes. Little things throughout also distract from the story, preventing you from completely immersing you in the events. When Alec is set on fire for example, he just runs into the water without making a sound. Now I'm no expert on setting people on fire, but I'm pretty sure there should have been some blood-curdling screams there. Another flaw with the film is that the story feels pretty repetitive, like it was the plot for a string of TV episodes mashed together. Characters are constantly getting separated or kidnapped so that Swamp Thing can once again come up to the rescue. After a while it feels like it's just killing time to get to the 91 minute mark.The flaws are frustrating because the movie actually has a lot of charm and is very entertaining. The characters are likeable, particularly Cable and a young boy she meets after her escape from the lab (Reggie Batts as Jude). Even Louis Jourdan, hamming it up as Dr. Anton Arcane is a lot of fun to follow because he's actually a competent villain. There are some nice, reflective moments when Swamp Thing isn't ripping off the roofs of cars (a terrible special effect that will have you laughing) or beating up Arcane's henchmen too. Overall the film really works on the emotional level because Alex and Cable have some good chemistry. You can believe the lingering affections they have for each other even after Swamp Thing appears. There's some good dialogue and plenty of action too, so the movie is never dull. It's sort of a mash-up between a smart sci-fi drama and a bad creature-feature. When there are people talking, you want people to hush up so you can pay attention and when there's a creature on the screen, you'll be howling out of excitement and bewilderment. It doesn't get any better than during the climax of the film, which comes out of nowhere and is thoroughly entertaining. I really can't tell you what happens because the beauty of it is in the surprise, which is unfortunate. I can tell you that there is no way you can predict where this rivalry between Arcane and Swamp thing ends up.This being my first time seeing "Swamp Thing" I have to say that overall I was pleasantly surprised. Often it was as bad as I expected it to be, but often it was actually very competently made and genuinely good. I can't say it's for everyone because the tone of the film is so back-and-forth that a lot of people won't be able to stand it. Overall though I would recommend you check it out (try to get it on Dvd or VHS though, Blu-ray will not be kind to this film); it's a solid mix of "so-bad-its-good" campy fun and genuinely good monster action. (91 min. PG Cut on Dvd, November 7, 2013)

Hossein N (mx) wrote: Aug 2009 - As always, this is another amazing view of the urban japan after the war. The conflict of the different generations this time around marriage. It is funny at times and a few of them don't really fit Ozo's style well. This is his first color movie but the colors are so fantastically beautiful.

Brad B (gb) wrote: John Wayne + Lauren Bacall = a really good movie that I'm sure isn't on everyone's radar. Some of the stills from the movie were exceptional. Good story line and the good guys win in the end. Good chemistry from the leads. Good lines. Good movie.

Cydnee B (ag) wrote: Good movie for what it was; a flawed, offbeat documentary/drama that also doubles as a movie that may have been ahead of its time. This film was written and directed by Edward D. Wood junior, an enthusiast in life and film as well as a cross dresser. He added to Glen or Glenda what no other director would have been brave enough to do at the time; he added sensitivity and sympathy to the subject of LGBT that set most people off, at the time it was made and released. The movie bombed, but has become a cult hit and is considered a bad-good movie. At least by yours truly.

Richard D (es) wrote: Best comic book movieBest mafia movieEvery frame a painting. Wonderfully acted. Daniel Craig does a great American accent. Can't praise this movie enough. Go see it.