Raja Jani

Raja Jani

A queen is fooled into believing that a street-dancer is her grand-daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James D (au) wrote: Maybe Stallone got bored. I know I did.

Burcu S (fr) wrote: ferzan zpetekin izlediim filmleri arasinda en iisi buydu digerlerini de begenmemisim ama en az bunu begenmedim.

Yannis A (de) wrote: A highly intelligent script and fantastic film editing!

Brandon W (us) wrote: Downfall, or Der Untergang in German, is directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, and it stars Bruno Ganz and Alexandra Maria Lara in a historical war drama about the final days of Adolf Hitler during World War II and how Germany went into surrender to Russia forces. I remember when I first known about this film, and that's from YouTube when they show many Hitler parodies that play this movie with Hitler complaining about something when the translation is about something else that's recent news in a hilarious way. I would've got the chance to watch Downfall again in Holocaust class, but we didn't have enough time to watch it, so we watch something else. Luckily for me however, I managed to find it on Netflix, and watch it at a later time, which is now, and even when watching so many of those parodies, I still find it to be a tense film that I took it serious. I saw one of the comments that ask why are the parodies so successful that has been running for more than 5 years, and when I saw one of the answers, I agree with it, which is that the acting is so real and haunting, especially from Bruno Ganz that eerily looks similar to Adolf Hitler and is fantastic in it that feels. mentally frightening towards his thinking process, that whenever someone puts in translations to them that have nothing to do with the film, it makes it feel like the actors were actually talking about that which makes it hilarious, even though it's not the case to what they're really saying. The writing by Bernd Eichinger is very strong at keeping the viewers invested in the film, even if for us in the United States and other countries besides Germany, we have to read the translations. Everybody knows about the characters for what they have done that made history, but seeing in this film from how they act towards the end of World War II, there are some deeper characteristics from them that we might've not quite seen, even from Hitler who is starting to have some human qualities to him, although not that much to the point that we misunderstand him as a person consider that we see a lot of horrific things from his mentality that makes him what we remember him by. With a film like this, it's so easy to portray the characters so evil that they'll do things that will be shocking to viewers, especially since it takes place during the last days of World War II, but all it shows is that they remain faithful and loyal to Hitler, while questioning him at the same time and are actually starting to care about the German citizens and want to protect them instead of themselves, even though Hitler doesn't have the same thought as them. Downfall is probably one of my favorite foreign films, and if it wasn't for the Hitler parody videos on YouTube, I probably wouldn't have heard of this movie.


VeLveTHaMMeR (kr) wrote: ok the synopsis of the movie on here is totally wrong,..this movie is great

Timothy M (it) wrote: Nice little gem of a film. Nothing extraordinary, just a solid, well made and well cast comedy. Ben Kingsley is a wonderful Watson, and Michael Caine demonstrates that his comedy chops were well and truly intact in the 80s. And Paul Freeman as Moriarty is gold - a shame, perhaps, that the best cinematic Moriarty appears in a parody/subversion of the Holmes tales.

bill b (br) wrote: Good concept , mediocre execution

bill s (kr) wrote: Good performances in a bad film.

Stuart K (es) wrote: After Fritz the Cat (1972) made a lot of money being the first X-rated cartoon, director Ralph Bakshi was offered to do the sequel The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat (1974), he turned that down in favour of something alot more personal. It's an episodic, personal odyssey, but it's absolutely brilliant as well. This tells the story of young twentysomething cartoonist Michael Corleone (Joseph Kaufmann), who we see in live-action playing pinball, but it disolves into animation as it shows his family life, his Italian father Angelo (Frank DeKova) has connection with the Mafia and work unions who is constantly cheating on his Jewish wife Ida (Terri Haven), they constantly fight but Michael tends to ignore them and he carries on with his cartoons. In a bar, he meets black bartender Carole (Beverly Hope Atkinson), who accepts to hang out with Michael because she likes his cartoons, his father doesn't approve of his son going out with a black girlfriend, and he's having problems of his own with the union, and Carole and Michael have aspirations of moving out to California together. It's a brilliant film done with a raw energy and Bakshi's visual eye, from mixing animated characters on real streets to old 1930's cartoon sketches coming to life, but it perfectly encapsulates the angst someone in their 20's go through, it's as relevant now as it was then, and the soundtrack is brilliant as well.