Raja Rani

Raja Rani

Drama about a young boy who turns to a life of crime after the death of his mother.

Widowed and with a small son, Raja, Janaki works as a maidservant with a wealthy man. When Raja falls ill, she has no money to get medicines, so she agrees to spend a night with her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam M (it) wrote: This film is an absolute MUST-SEE.....for anyone looking to view what will likely go down in the books as the WORST piece of crap film of 2014 (and possibly of the decade). Filled with a script crafted from utter drivel and no discernible point, this garbage is one not even the Mother of the Director/Writer/Star could stomach and fake smile her way through.

Hani H (mx) wrote: Based on the true story of Jessica Lal murder case in 1999, this film points finger at the corrupted and outdated justice system in India.The plot and theme of the movie is powerful and meaningful. But disappointing, even pathetic performances from the main cast spoil the party and even kind of took the edge off the movie. Vidhya Bhalan is toned down to such an exaggeration that, more than often her character looks like a retard. Although the intention was to present a strong independent woman, Rani's character looked pretty stupid with all that excessive swearing.Sajin P A

Bill M (gb) wrote: A very interesting debate between the purity of the original trilogy and the rereleased altered special editions. The documentary also touches on the inner turmoil fans felt towards the prequels. I myself want the original trilogy released on bluray, but Lucas refuses to do so. I did enjoy the prequels as they were released. I kept telling people, "It's Star Wars! Lucas can do no wrong." But the prequels did not stand the test of time and I began to dislike them more and more. The People vs. George Lucas is a must see for any Star Wars fanatic.

TheJimbobs123 (nl) wrote: I thought was a decent film. Some scary parts, some non-so scary parts, but it kept me watching throughout and I enjoyed overall.

Aya T (us) wrote: Brilliant like the book, very good job with the interiors.


Danny M (nl) wrote: Funny film! Good watch. Terry crews steals the show

John A (fr) wrote: Remake Of The French Hit, Produced By Luc Besson, (Creator/Producer Of The Original Series), This US Remake May Have Bombed But Is Better Than The Fourth Installment Of The Original Series. Although The Film Tries To Be Different & Better Than The Original It Falls Flat On It's Face, But Still Manages To Have Some Comedic Touches, (Although Bad But Laughable). A Decent Remake But Like Most Doesn't Get Near To Touching The Original.

brendan n (mx) wrote: poor excuse for a comedy this fell in a heap upon release and its the producers and director to blame. this is a terrible comedy that never lifts above the material which is a shame to the cast who deserve so much more. should of been a hoot but ends up a pile of mess on the ground

Michael B (au) wrote: Hokey b-movie/direct to video/tv movie. Special effects are hokey. Only redeming quality are the characters.

Dave S (gb) wrote: I can't believe that with all I know about John Waters he can still shock and surprise me. The last half hour got to be a little much, though - it's like some kind of great dessert where at first you're asking "why can't all food be this good?" but then if you're still eating it an hour later you're going to start feeling a little nauseous.

Carlos M (es) wrote: This third Star Trek film works as a bridge between the second and the fourth cinematic chapters, with decent drama and good performances by our well-known cast, even if the plot is super convenient and lacks the same impact of The Wrath of Khan.

Norberto F (gb) wrote: Slow burn suspense thriller. Couple of twist any turns out of nowhere. Good.