Deepa Kapoor (Vidya Sinha) lives with her brother and sister-in-law (Veena Godh)in Delhi. She studies in college. One day she meets Sanjay and after a series of meetings both fall in love and decide to get married after Sanjay gets a promotion. Deepa goes to Bombay for a job interview and meets with an old boyfriend Navin (Dinesh Thakur). This meeting rekindles her love for Navin, who is the very opposite of Sanjay, being punctual and attentive, and well-settled as a commercial film producer. Deepa now has the task of chosing to live with either Sanjay or Navin.

A Delhi-based woman in a steady relationship with her boyfriend is forced to come to terms with her true feelings when a job interview in Mumbai brings an old flame back in her life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Katja A (de) wrote: Vijyelokuva, joka paljastuukin elmn peruskysymyksi pohtivaksi ihmissuhdedraamaksi. Leffa koostuu pienist palasista, mutta kiitos loistavan ksikirjoituksen, se pysyy kasassa ja kiinnostavana loppuun asti. Nyttelijkolmikolla pelaa kemiat hyvin ja Michael "F" Wongkin lunasti paikkansa. Leffaa ei kai voi olla vertaamatta Infernal Affairsiin ja vaikka ihan eri tyyppisist leffoista on kyse, niin jotain samaa fiilist niiss on.

Steve R (ru) wrote: This is all over the place - she's trapped inside her home, but then she isn't, but then she is, but then she ... you get the idea. I wanted to like it, but it is self-indulgent nonsense.

Hrayr A (fr) wrote: An uneven drama with rich people eating, shopping and having sex until the unexpectedly tragic end. Best thing about the film is the music.

Lawerence T (mx) wrote: Kel funny as Hell- Pretty eyed Willie

Jenna I (es) wrote: I haven't gotten around to reading the book so I didn't have any expectations when I watched this... that said it seemed fine. I'm assuming the negative reviews are just based off of the fact that the book is superior, because this movie just felt pretty straight forwardly about a bunch of 20 year olds being 'youthful.' Maybe the fact that I left this movie feeling like I watched a Wranglers commercial is why everybody hated it, but that was basically what I expected so I can't say I'm disappointed? That said, it was pretty forgettable.

Marc Joseph S (au) wrote: Cute and very funny!

Allan C (ag) wrote: Oddball Friday the 13th series entry and the last before Jason went into space with "Jason X" (because that worked so well for the Leprechaun franchise [eye roll]) has Jason being blow to pieces at the start of the film and him possessing a series of people who carry out his murderous intentions. Kane Hodder does briefly appear in the film as Jason and in another bit part as a security guard, but there is sadly not enough Jason to make this film it all that interesting for fans expecting to see the familiar hockey masked killer. There is a clever opening scene to the film that kind of mocks all of the previous films, with a young woman at a camp at night along getting ready to shower when Jason attacks. She ends up being an undercover FBI agent sent to lure Jason out into an ambush what literally blows him to bits and metaphorically blows up the formula of the previous films. Also on the plus side you do get Erin Gray in the film, a score by original composer Harry Manfredini, the original film's director (Sean S. Cunningham) returning as producer, and a funny final tag at the end of the film that teased (SPOILER ALERT) a Freddy vs. Jason film, which in reality didn't materialize until 10 years later. More interesting, I read that the film features the the skull dagger and Necronomicon from "Evil Dead II," although I missed it, but teases a Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash film, which has yet to materialize outside of comic books. Overall, this one is probably not recommended for anyone outside of fans of the series who need to be completionists and see all of the series entries, even if this "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" like approach is markedly different from all of the previous films.

King L (us) wrote: The only thing I ever liked that featured David Carradine was the TV series "Kung Fu" from the 1970s. After that he was in a lot of very bad low budget movies. After seeing some of them I didn't think they could get any worse until I saw this. This has got to be the worse of the lot. Here he plays a cop in the future whose son time travels back to rescue him from certain death.

Gena D (gb) wrote: Meh, kind of sad that the most organized storyline was the least entertaining.

James H (jp) wrote: Typically outstanding Bette Davis performance. Joan Lorring is terrific in a supporting role. Very well produced drama, excellent art direction and very well produced. Good direction. But, it is Davis' film all the way.

Ame R (br) wrote: interesting documentary about the small minnesota town of glencoe. i liked the scene on how bacon is made.

HungYa L (nl) wrote: creative and rather original

Alex K (es) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Greg W (de) wrote: though the characters were very cliche i still enjoyed this esp seeing my car same color too parked in front of their house and eating at Raes miss that place had many many good cheap breakfasts there good times too.

Jeff A (us) wrote: A man walks into a bar. He orders a drink, smokes a little. He tells a few "a man walks into a bar" jokes. They are both funny and sad. He leaves the bar.