"Rakka" is the story of broken humanity following the invasion of a technologically superior alien species. Bleak harrowing and unrelenting, the humans we meet must find enough courage to go on fighting.

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john p (fr) wrote: This is a fantastic movie, especially to fans of David Lynch during the 90's (think Lost Highway). This is the kind of director that we need now because Lynch doesn't have too much time left. I highly recommend.

Xander K (ru) wrote: Probably too long for its own good, but still takes you on a fascinating ride of hero-worship and villain scapegoating surrounding a tragic set of events.

William W (gb) wrote: Excellent and fair coverage of a tough subject. The rare doc that doesn't have a slanted POV but really just wants to get to the truth.

Walter T (de) wrote: From the Ashes should be required watching in Washington DC and in coal country. Surprisingly balanced, it paints a realistic picture of a world rapidly moving away from coal as an energy source and its devastating impact on jobs. The politics of coal dominates America and our ability to solve this has profound impact on literally millions of families directly or indirectly impacted by this industry. Go see it.

Walter R (ca) wrote: Quite the puzzle if you go with it. Took me awhile to get it but once I did, very cool. The mood is very strange and always keeps you uncomfortable. My girl figured out ending before I did which pissed me off. Jena Malone is great. Not for all but very intriguing nonetheless. Cool locations too.

Vince A (ru) wrote: Very good documentary. It's frightening to see what a mob mentality, hero worship and obsession can do to a community. Happy Valley is filled with nut cases who spent more time making themselves and Joe Paterno into victims than actually caring about the real victims of child abuse. It's sickening.

Ursula L (nl) wrote: This documentary really disturbed me. As if the crimes committed weren't bad enough, this whole view of the town where Joe Paterno and the football team were "victims" is shameful. The university and the town are complicit in my opinion, because if it wasn't for the reverence of football above all else, these people wouldn't have had their blinders on to not see a child molester among them. Well done documentary, but the topic left me feeling sick.

Stuart P (it) wrote: An interesting documentary about blame, scapegoating and idol-worship.

Steven J (it) wrote: Easily one of the strangest and most confusing films I've ever seen, Bottom of the World is also a captivating and intriguing film. Most people will probably hate it, but for some reason I was fascinated by it...some scenes are very suspenseful and creepy, others are wonderfully strange and surreal. Nice performance by Jena Malone. Guy is ok.

Shawn G C (ca) wrote: Fantastic, essential NYC documentary filmmaking.

Shaun T (mx) wrote: Must-see doc chronicling the Penn State scandal. Brutal.

Shari B (kr) wrote: This low-budget film exceeds expectations most have for something produced without a Hollywood budget. Superbly directed by Eric Trenkamp, this film does not rely on special effects or fancy stunts, but on superb acting (Michael C. Freeland is phenomenal in the leading role) and great writing to portray the persona of an American terrorist and the people that surround him.

Sal M (ru) wrote: I've seen it twice now and loved it more after the 2nd viewing. Looking forward to a third!

Ryan V (us) wrote: When we love a famous person (in this case a revered coach), we are all too willing to overlook or disregard any and all information that makes us reexamine that person. If you have any illusions that Joe Paterno was a great guy and did all he could to prevent the rape of children, or that he truly knew nothing about it, you owe it to yourself to watch this.

Ryan L (it) wrote: Happy Valley is a well made documentary that sets out to show how a community defined by their unwavering dedication to their All-star football team and god like couch of over 60 years--Joe Paterno--are caught up in a whirlwind of unbelievable accusations. This documentary captures what happens when a community is divided by a dark secret that has been under everyone's nose the whole time; and how some with the power to make a difference turned a blind eye. Happy Valley is a brutal 'must see' that will challenge your ability to withstand the horrors that are depicted and discussed.

Rob W (it) wrote: Weakness in a whole new light.

Ricky W (de) wrote: After school special-ish.

Rangan R (br) wrote: Winning back the daughter!It is like my fifth or sixth Christmas film of the season and I must say that I'm not fully pleased. Sadly, this one stands at the last among those I have seen. I'm not bashing it, but the narration lacked the festival spirit. Everyone in the story seems kind of depressing. But that is how this tale was designed to be different from this theme that our television channels are crowded with at this time. So I enjoyed watching it, in the end, I did not like it much as an overall film.A father, travelling around the North America in his RV had not seen his daughter for like a decade. But his surprise visit during the Christmas eve brings a mixed feeling to her. That's not the same with the rest of the town, who are very happy to see him again. When he adopts a dog, it causes even more trouble in a relationship with his daughter. But his granddaughter is very fond of him and together they do all the festival stuffs. The remaining is to cover how he's going to win his daughter back.Expecting too much from a television film is very foolish, but that should not be a reason, even when a film is really does not stand up to the mark. The main plot was much better, and it was not fully exploited as it should have been. Especially, most of the parts were predictable and that's fine, but a couple of energetic and surprising events would have turned it around.Still, I liked the actors, particularly the director in one of the main roles, and again in particular the little kid. She sounded like a very matured (child) actress, so I hope she makes big in the filmdom. Sorry to say, none others, including Mena Suvari looked like they are in the film. In some of the parts, the dog stole the show. So overall simply an okay film, but it can be watched once.5/10

Paul D (ag) wrote: Informative, but not very interesting. People go too far when looking for blame.

PJ E (ru) wrote: This film shows everything wrong with millennials. Instead of having compassion for the victims, they riot in the streets and get in fights because their hallowed authority figure gets fired. A great chronicle in a crazy passage in time. Happy Valley isn't happy at all.