Rally On!

Rally On!


This rollicking sports comedy from Finnish director Markku Polonen follows the exploits of Seppo 'Sladi' Pesonen, an ex-top-tiered race car driver now reduced to instructing students at a driving school. To relieve the monotony of this undesired career, Pesonen builds "Team Susan," a road rally team based at Pekkarinen's Garage in the Finnish countryside. Soon, Sladi's nephew Luumu arrives from Helsinki and learns of the team, his enthusiasm skyrockets and he hops on board with the assist of mechanic Suko. Yet the men encounter Machiavellian sabotage at the hands of the vile Torppo, the owner of the lot that contains Pekkarinen's Garage, who is determined to interfere with the plans of Team Susan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dylan G (de) wrote: Certainly not as good as it's predecessor, but it still offers some of the same innocent laughs! B-

Steve S (us) wrote: Interesting fact based story that takes an important social aspect and spins and intriguing morailty tale.

Joey R (au) wrote: 90s movies. Awesome.

Deering R (ag) wrote: THE american le samourai, a couple perfectly assembled scenes, sparse, spare, taut, whatever, the score kills.

Nicholas T (us) wrote: Great cast.. just got a bad direction.. and worst chemistry