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Dries G (ca) wrote: I know it's cliche but this one pulled at my heartstring.

Amy R (mx) wrote: Kiddy but i read the book. I liked it

Elise B (au) wrote: Couldnt sit through it. Started off gorey and nonsensical.. not in a nail biting way but in a droll way that makes you not care why. Flip to introduction of the cast and I was immediately turned off by the Dawsons Creek hairdo... yeah hes in college in 2014... deal with it. Hes cool though, him and his pink shirt are hanging with the generic lip ring guy so you know its legit. Introduce the females Gabby and Emma... thats hitting 2 for trendy baby names in 2013... not so much the years they were born. But, whatevs. Anyway, I didnt finish it, I already hate the cast and I dont care who survives.

Brett H (kr) wrote: Michael Bay's homage to well-worn themes from the past, The Island is one of his more enjoyable efforts due to the premise and talent of the lead actors, but it's still a pretty dumb sci-fi, action flick that leaves brains behind in the second half. Taking clear inspiration from films like Logan's Run and THX 1183, The Island follows a population of clones who live in an underground facility due to a supposed extinction-level contamination on the surface, and their only solace is to win a "random lottery" and be one of the lucky selected to be moved to, The Island, a contamination-free paradise...or so they think. Ewan McGregor's character begins to question the system until he ultimately finds out that they are bred to be organ donors/surrogate mothers for their wealthy counterparts and escapes the facility with Scarlett Johansson who has just won the lottery. From there, the intelligence pretty much stops and we're thrust into an overblown and ridiculous chase film where Bay gets to use all of his toys to blow everything up and make his characters invincible to every death-defying stunt he can. The supporting cast helps to make the story credible with Sean Bean as the head of the program, Djimon Hounsou as a ruthless bounty hunter, and Steve Buscemi hamming it up as an ally to our main characters. Overall, this is certainly a watchable piece of popcorn entertainment, but the film loses a lot of steam in the second half, and the amount of conveniences/ex machinas that help the main characters live pushes well-past ludicrous.

Jackson F (kr) wrote: Jack FischerTalladega Nights Movie Review??If you ain??t first you're last.?? (Ricky Bobby) Ricky Bobby, Will Ferrell,comedy genius to perfection?? (Jamie Russell Rotten Tomatoes), becomes the best NASCAR driver, then loses everything when Jean Girard, Sacha Baron Cohen aka Ali G, steals the win from him, leading Ricky to not win for awhile. Then Ricky, makes a comeback when Ricky and Girard crash, leading to a running race to the finish line. In Talladega Nights, Adam McKay creates a comedy using a North Carolinian stereotype through Ricky Bobby.Two parts of the movie were similar to real life situations. First, the costumes were close copies to actual driver suits. The movie used real NASCAR suits that made it more realistic. Additionally, the cars were authentically represented as they had sponsors and logos on the side of the cars. According to Tom Neven, a movie critic, ??there has never been any good NASCAR movies, but Will Ferrell ended that streak?? (Tom Neven Plugged In) to depict a real life situation.While the director Adam McKay made a spoof of the racing world, NASCAR lovers still found it realistic and amusing. People who watch NASCAR were not offended with the movie. They thought it was a realistic movie about a driver that loves to win races.The special effects in Talladega Nights were not too impressive, however, the movie was not designed for that purpose. In the movie the special effects were fine that I could notice. In Talladega Nights the special effects were not the greatest in the eyes of a movie critic, but to an average person they were realistic, for example when Ricky Bobby thinks he on fire after he crashes. The special effects were not supposed to be Academy Award winning, but was just supposed to be a spoof of NASCAR.Talladega Nights was an appealing movie because the directors used authentic costumes and cars to make it believable. Additionally the special effects were not fantastic but convincible. I highly recommend this movie to people that enjoy comedy movies.

Ted K (au) wrote: i like this mostly b/c you get to spend an evening bopping around tehran.

Grant H (gb) wrote: Pretty good movie. The plot is an interesting dark and twisted spin on the classic genie tale. The film starts off with great visual effects, but the production values feel too much like a TV movie, but as it progresses, it gets a little better. Most of the performances are so-so, Divoff giving the best as the evil Djin.

Leo L (au) wrote: Highly fascinating!!

Charles B (it) wrote: Ya man!simple flick yes,low budjet yes...but the atmosphere is felt throughout,you travelled a bit ina babylon?country reminds us of the stronger force!

Ryan C (it) wrote: Vincent Price and Christopher Lee want to take over the world, one body part at a time! Hell, even Peter Cushing is in this one. So frickin' weird, a little bit Horror, a little bit sci-fi, a little bit cold war paranoia. MGM Midnite Movies are awesome!

Kevin C (au) wrote: Fun great musical with Judy Garland who once again shines in the spotlight. Only strange thing is half the movie takes place around Christmas and winter and not the summertime.

Alastair M (us) wrote: 50 CENT NEEDS TO STICK TO RAPPING