Ramaa: The Saviour

Ramaa: The Saviour

While playing a video game on TV, school-children are mysteriously transported to a prehistoric island.

While playing a video game on TV, school-children are mysteriously transported to a prehistoric island. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard C (it) wrote: It offers insight into the first Living Dead film but that's all it covers. It has insight from some of the workers and Romero, but if you are anything more than a casual fan of the films, it's mostly old news to you.

Jesse R (es) wrote: And you thought it was all over? Nope. Rocky is back for the final and 6th film in the Rocky saga. Its been 16 years since we last saw Rocky in Rocky V (1990). Rocky's manager Mickey Goldmill died in Rocky III (1982), Apollo Creed died in Rocky IV (1985), and sadly we learn that Adrian also died from Cancer in 2002. Rocky has been retired for nearly 16 years and now runs his own restaurant a.k.a. Adrian's.Rocky is still dealing with the death of his wife, and the current rift between him and his adult son Robert. Rocky spends his days running his restaurant and telling stories of his glory days.There's still something inside of Rocky that's bothering him, that he just can't let go. In his late 50s, Rocky once again wants to get back inside the ring, but his son thinks he's crazy. Paulie is back and is behind rocky. After seeing a computer bout on ESPN between Rocky and current champion Mason "The Line" Dixon (real life boxer Antonio Tarver) many question what would happen if there was a real bout between Rocky and Dixon.Rocky once again (with Robert finally behind him) gets back inside the ring in a exhibition match against Dixon, and in the end, it's not about winning, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep getting up, and how much you can take and get back up. In the end Rocky takes a lot, and still gets back up. Another wonderful film to end The Rocky saga. . . 30 years later.

Gunes U (de) wrote: It was painfull to watch it and the ending... made no sense, I feel so violated for having watched this :(

Brandon S (nl) wrote: Just as a piece of virtuoso action filmmaking, this is a terrific time at the movies. Len Wiseman did a fantastic job.

Mike B (nl) wrote: I don't know what the filmmakers were thinking during the filming/editing of this movie. Daredevil to me is more of a guilty pleasure, filled with hilarious, cheesy action scenes and characters that are so incredibly corny I couldn't stare at the screen without laughing. Definitely not your typical high end Marvel movie, although there were a couple laughs throughout.

Antoinnette F (us) wrote: the movie makes you wish it happens in real life

Lia G (fr) wrote: The storyline had lost of potential to be great, but something was off about the movie.

Cory B (gb) wrote: It's got a great message about racism, but the acting is a little wooden and the production value is very low...

Petros T (mx) wrote: A very good early film from Kubrick, "Paths of Glory" is brief and to-the-point. Thought-provoking, moving and with powerful dialogue, it captivates and even thrills the viewer not so much with the very limited battle sequences but with its words, spirit and meaning.

Paula A (kr) wrote: A classic comedy. Its a must see!

Joseph J (de) wrote: Terrific, gripping noir thriller with great performances by Richard Conte and especially Valentina Cortese, simply mesmerising as the vamp who steals Conte's heart.

Norma D (es) wrote: great movie. watched it in my Italian film class!

Nandi C (au) wrote: One of my very favorite classic films. It's about a woman controlled and manipulated by her domineering mother, but her sister in law intervenes by bringing a psychairtrist(Claude Rains)who has a place in the country to treat people with her condition; After she has the breakdown, she goes to the retreat, gets better, then goes on a cruise, where she meets the very married Paul Henried, who becomes attracted to her despite himself. When Charlotte goes home, her family can't even recognize her. I like this movie because you see a woman comes out of her shell and stand up for who she is even if she has to break free from momma. Love it!!

Dale S (nl) wrote: A very interesting movie. It made me contemplate the next sequel and what could happen. This included Jason Bourne without having to pay Matt Damon to be in it, way to think outside the box.

Jose Luis M (nl) wrote: Entretenida secuela.