The story of this movie deals with issues like why our country is lagging behind in sports and why only cricket is a popular sport here when compared to other sports. And the story tries to depict that if right talent is encouraged our country can also be leading in sports.

The story of this movie deals with issues like why our country is lagging behind in sports and why only cricket is a popular sport here when compared to other sports. And the story tries to... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ramadandu torrent reviews

Rahul J (gb) wrote: Dull. Did not finish it.

Heather M (br) wrote: This doesn't look like a movie I want to waste time watching.

Mary N (jp) wrote: This was actually pretty good...confusing at first but then it all started to make sense! Mystery, suspense...Netflix streaming.

M S (jp) wrote: Clearly the producers of this film have never been bullied if they think years of torment and pain can be remedied by a minute long conversation in front of a fridge. Bullying is a very serious pain that leaves people damaged and this film made a complete mockery of that pain.

Tracy O (au) wrote: a guy who inherits an elephant, who better to play this than bill murray?

Eric N (ag) wrote: Not only important subject matter but a fresh and interesting way to do a documentary, even though the readings by the actors were uneven -- Stephen Dorff was reading pretty straight and flat, Mariel Hemingway was acting her ass off. Someone like Jurgen Prochnow was in the middle and perfect. Just nickpicks. It was good, but it's just not a favorite for me.

Thomas Q (it) wrote: A brilliant showcase of terror and horror. The only flaws are the bad acting and the random shooting of his friend at the end. Other than that, it was a brilliant film that shows the randomness and destruction that humans are capable of.

Steve D (au) wrote: A little slow but a good cast makes this enjoyable. NOT LIKE THE BOOK at all.

m m (fr) wrote: Pretty good. Tom Berenger should be in more movies.

Leonard D (us) wrote: This is one of the stupidest films I have ever seen in my life!

Robert B (ca) wrote: Better titles for this movie would have been "This Movie Is Totally 80s" or "White People Dancing" or "Remember when Sarah Jessica Parker was Cute?"

Scott R (mx) wrote: absolutely idiotic. Milland is the only thing decent in it.

Rick R (it) wrote: Comrade X (1940)Just before we got into World War II, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union had signed a non-aggression pact. Mac Thompson (Clark Gable) is a foreign correspondent who has been sneaking out uncensored news out of Russia. The secret police are suspicious of him, but it's the hotel's valet, Igor Yahupitz (Felix Bressart) who knows that it's Mac. He tells Mac that if he can smuggle his daughter, Theodore (Hedy Lamarr) out of the Soviet Union, into America, he won't tell anybody.Of course Theodore is a loyal Communist and, just like in Ninotchka, Mac has got to convince her to leave her beloved country and go with him, all while trying to stay away from the Commissars. Of course all of the upper ranking Soviet officers are worried about being killed off in Stalin's Purge.King Vidor directed this fast-paced comedy with a screenplay written by Ben Hecht. Jane Wilson (smart-mouthed Eve Arden) is one of my favorite characters, also the Nazi correspondent Emil Von Hofer (Sig Ruman) is an easy target of ridicule.

Allen B (it) wrote: This is a wonderful movie. And it is kind of a 2 ring circus as many movies are, on one hand 'Death' takes the form of a human and spends time enjoying the company of others at a little resort while around the world horrable events take place without the benefit of death. This movie give you a respect for death, sometimes death is a better option to suffering.

James B (fr) wrote: What an Old cracker, never tire of watching these family films

Claire L (fr) wrote: Witty banter, music, satire, and great actors are a great recipe for a rom com in my book.