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Ramayan torrent reviews

Marieka A (it) wrote: Not as funny as expected

Kay L (nl) wrote: Good cast, weak movie

Kelli M (ca) wrote: Crawl or Die was a great, action filled sci-fi / horror with a badass heroine, Tank (Nicole Alonzo)! There were many moments when I could not seem to catch my breath as I watched Tank crawl for her life. Oklahoma Ward did a fantastic job directing! I can't wait to read the comic book and I eagerly await the other sequels in the trilogy. Two thumbs up!!

Rosimary L (es) wrote: the best movie ever!!

Salix A (fr) wrote: Not bad...interesting how the religous aspect was interwoven here. Very good makeup effects and it was nice to see creepy little Chloe Moretz again. However, the screaming every few seconds was very annoying.

Matt C (de) wrote: This was a very deep and real look into a world most people don't see. While it deals with a very private subject, the film does so with a sense of art and class. I was impressed.

Onio H (au) wrote: One of the reasons this film suffers is because of Jamie Lee Curtis' uninteresting performance, it seems that she isn't interested in the franchise, but who could blame her? This movie turns into a comedy for the ridiculous plot holes and is poorly written. The series should've ended at the third film.

Anders A (ru) wrote: Denzel is strong here, so full of confidence its almost too much. Harsling with the bad-corrupt narc-life, right and wrongs gets mixed up and equality fades into forgotten truths.

Daisy L (mx) wrote: Hinano is adorable in this movie, movie itself is not bad, Shinji looking pretty sexy too.

Darrin C (jp) wrote: It was alright...definitely original plot and pretty scary for the time with the seemingly down-home, friendly motel proprietors.

Oliver S (au) wrote: Excellent parody of cleopatra

Jason E (nl) wrote: I have seen worse. It's a story about rediscovery, breaking barriers, and finding compromise. And, there's no real villain. All sides of the conflict are understandable. My favorite part is the scenery. That's one thing the Tinker Bell movies always do right, they always go above and beyond with the set design. Sure, the resolution didn't make much sense, and Periwinkle's existence raises a few questions, but for what it is, I'm glad I saw it.