Rambling Rose

Rambling Rose

Rose, is taken in by the Hillyer family to serve as a 1930s housemaid so that she can avoid falling into a life of prostitution. Rose's appearence and personality is such that all men fall for her, and Rose knows it. She can't help herself from getting into trouble with men.

Rose, is taken in by the Hillyer family to serve as a 1930s housemaid so that she can avoid falling into a life of prostitution. Rose's appearence and personality is such that all men fall ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott R (nl) wrote: Don't understand how this was so highly rated.

St A (jp) wrote: A very pretty movie to look at, with the sci-fi setting that manages to look stylish for the most part, even with an apparent low budget. While the idea may be influenced by similar sci-fi flicks, what hurts the movie is that the majority of the acting is pretty poor, and the story becomes very sloppy in the third act. Just as well it looked nice.

Dean R (es) wrote: One of the worst movies I've ever seen. A complete waste of time. Just terrible.

Dave R (gb) wrote: Well it was alright movie alittle chessy for sure but if you liek scary movie it might work for you and you know when the killer is there withthe noise he makes its creepy

Rob W (gb) wrote: For a movie based on philosophy and logic it was a surprise to see an absence of both.

Lee M (fr) wrote: Not comfortable watching it early in the morning

Siri B (ag) wrote: A creature-feature with an interesting twist, this is actually a very well-made film! It has all the elements necessary AND good cgi. Gustave is SCARY. Glad I never met anything like him in the 'glades...

Carl N (ag) wrote: This isnt your usual vampire flick, nor is it a pure horror film. What you get is a very clever thriller thats filled with suspense. Its not a film that is dependent on huge spectacular special effects because the dialog and the story line in itself hold there own. The time line of the film is played out very akin to a Tarantino plot. There are frequent hints as to what is really going on and the final climatic twist is really a good one. The acting is first-class, Ken Foree giving the best performance as a captured and tortured vampire is scary and humorous at the same time. My only grievance is that I felt that Sid Haig was very much underused.

Anastasia (gb) wrote: Replay value (05) OWN VHS

Matthew M (de) wrote: A film that centers of druggies that I surprisingly enjoyed a lot. I like how it is all about the bad guys and there descent into death. it also has a good shoot out. for a film made back then it was pretty impressive.

Chris S (jp) wrote: I didn't expect much from this film after reading some reviews of it. But I was pleasantly surprised by how well-done it was. Sure, like most 90s Hong Kong movies, the music is cheesy and electronic like old 80s movies and slow motion is overly dramatic. But where this movie excels is in the directing, scripting, and acting. Anthony Wong is still one of my favorite actors and his potrayal of a corrupted cop that slowly reforms is downright badass. Near the end, I shared the same fear of his character that the villains did; his performance is that convincing. It's really hard for me to pinpoint why I liked the script. In a way, it's a story we've all seen before: "Bad cop becomes good when his new boss tries to restore order in the beighborhoods." But the characters, even the corrupted ones, are so likable and the dialogue and interactions so intriguing that the movie felt really unique. Kudos also go to the cinematographer and the director for creating some really spiffy shots. My only complaint was that the dialogue goes by way too fast at some points and I missed a few conversations here and there because I couldn't read the subtitles fast enough.

K W (au) wrote: Was hoping that something interesting would happen but it just dragged out. Skip it.

Brendan N (nl) wrote: Better than average action film but a great showcase for Chan, who is excellent in the lead. The writing is very silly at times and undoes a lot of good stunt work. You can understand why this film was successful for Chan but its not one of his best films

Elliott H (jp) wrote: Absolutely engrossing and intoxicating from beginning to end. Travolta shines brighter than ever.

Jack G (es) wrote: Chantal Akerman - one of the sexiest female directors.

Gregory W (au) wrote: so so blacksploitation flick.

Brett C (fr) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:I am not the most experienced viewer when it comes to courtroom or legal drama, as I never really found the genre all that compelling, but my recent viewing of 12 Angry Men, opened my eyes to the electrifying experience of murder, affairs, and drama being told without the aid of visual spectacle.Witness for the Prosecution contains similarities to 12 Angry Men, where the audience is left in the dark and could only shape the situation or its characters from the words being spoken; the film doesn't give us a visual glimpse of truth. This film is a perfect example that demonstrates the power of words; the film's dialogue is responsible for shaping its characters, moving the plot, and establishing its atmosphere. Each time a word was being said, I was learning more and more about the characters and the situation, my curiosity never at one point faded, then the film brings us in the courtroom where the heat is turned up, filling the room with so much drama and intensity that not once did I turn away from the screen. It was a splendid idea to have the film's protagonist to come off at first as unpleasant, in order to have its third act feel all the more powerful, and also it strays away from the typical leading men in films similar to this. Very few films could match the energy and strength of Billy Wilder and Harry Kurnitz's script, which is exactly the reason why I am not giving much of the film's plot or characters away.I was glad to see that this film wasn't overly directed by Wilder, placing complete faith to his script. Less is certainly sometimes more, Witness for the Prosecution's approachable story and entertaining characters is enough to keep its audience interested, there was no need for Wilder to add flair to the film's camerawork as that would have probably given the film too much ambiguity, as to enjoy this film one must take in the information straight; don't over think, just let it flow through you. The story may be strong, but it doesn't compare to Wilder's exploration of a self-destructing man who is driven in his career and will stop at nothing to claim justice for his client. I was cringing as each time he did something to further damage is state of health, and was baffled at the poor work his nurse was doing, particularly at the end of the film.Charles Laughton, I adore you in this film and I sincerely hope there would be more performances just like this one as I go further into your filmography; I am aware that the possibility of him reading this would be close to none but I cannot express my gratitude for his work here in any other form. Tyrone Power as Leonard Vole was also strong in this film, and thankfully many shots of him aren't together with Laughton or else I wouldn't have even noticed the great performance he delivered. Marlene Dietrich was certainly one of the film's weakest aspects, as her performance felt too contrived and lacked that flavour that makes her performance believable.Witness for the Prosecution is possibly my favourite film from director Billy Wilder; at least so far, as it displays a dominating performance by Laughton and a story that certainly delivers the thrills that many films in its genre simply couldn't match.

Carlton R (jp) wrote: Love this camp 50s Sci Fi horror,Although some of the constant camp comedy does destroy some of the film,

Lars J (fr) wrote: Gangstermelodram med Bogart som godhjrtad kkfarare som ska gra sin sista kupp och Ida Lupino som den tuffa men knsliga unga tjejen som faller pladask fr honom. Inget fel p rollistan med andra ord (jag erknner, jag har en thing fr Lupino...) och ven fast man kanske sett historien innan s r det vldigt underhllande, vlgjort och tight p det dr sttet som man bara brukar hitta i bra studioproduktioner frn 30- och 40-talet. Lite sentimental emellant, men det gr mig verkligen ingenting, tvrtom, precis som Bogart kallar sig sjlv i filmen r jag en "fourteen karat sap" innerst inne. Skulle inte riktigt kalla filmen fr hundraprocentig noir, men filmen intressant ocks fr att den representerar ett skifte i ton mellan 30-talets enklare gangsterfilmer och 40-talets moraliska grskikt, existensialism och dmda romantik. Den hr filmen har lite frn bda erorna kan man sga. Rekommenderas!

Jeff B (ca) wrote: The acting, oh the acting! And Emily Blunt, too. :-)