A former ranch hand (Roger Gutierrez) confronts the realities of drug addiction and runs afoul of a local gangster after he moves to Los Angeles.

A former ranch hand (Roger Gutierrez) confronts the realities of drug addiction and runs afoul of a local gangster after he moves to Los Angeles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alberto N (au) wrote: I was hoping for a funny movie but it just felt weird.

Noam R (ag) wrote: A movie with a lot of unrealized potential...

Gabriel M (jp) wrote: It's a beautiful story, as the name implies giving a teaching. Mulligan was impeccable. the story line is very safe and captive at all times.

David Jordan H (jp) wrote: Michael Sheen returns as Tony Blair, a role he last played in The Queen, and he is just as good as ever.

lourdh r (de) wrote: My god... really pathetic never watch this trailer also... my god i really planned to suicide after watching this film.. really waste of time... i donno how these people bravely take this kinda useless subjects the camera work was not at all good even child can take good camera work... it was totally upset movie and also sad and also boring a lot... It was really disgusting and collapsed movie as we seen in many local films this film should never ever be rated here... i was really shocked by seeing this kinda movie in my life... Nothing good it was totally irritating...

Chris S (es) wrote: I really don't know what to say about this movie. I just really couldn't pay attention to it. Every time a scene would happen it would just abruptly end and go to the next. The animation looked good, but what does that mater it theres no story. I'm just not sure what to think about this movie. Maybe it I ever get the nerve to watch this again I'll be able to think of some more points to hit on in the next review.

Jennifer D (ag) wrote: best movie of 2006. hands down. [the end] The morgenthaler team owns.

Bryan W (au) wrote: A cult movie. Right at the beginning of the modern computer age, young hackers who mostly are curious, try to save one of its own from a bigger hacker who steals pennies from a company's transfer daily.

Marcus W (br) wrote: Works well as an example of maverick film making, but not as a satire or parody. or anything else.

Terry G (es) wrote: Great film noir. Robert Mitchum falls in love the wrong femme fatale here. He is too stupid to realize it until the end. On TCM.

Calvin C (jp) wrote: One of Fred and Ginger's shortest films and the one with the least amount of song and dance numbers (4). This is a screwball comedy if anything else with some funny moment involving Ginger. It may not be their best work together, but it is still an entertaining comedy. Grade: B

Jacob C (ru) wrote: 28/100 - At least it followed the plot of the book. I Am Number Four is another crappy adaptation of a young adult novel that I actually liked. The concept is interesting, the acting less so, and the production values even less so. I wished this book had worked as a movie, as the rest of the series could have been interesting. Instead, this is yet another example of a studio trying to make money instead of making a good film.

Paul B (us) wrote: It Happened One Night is quaint and it's occasionally very amusing, though it doesn't quite live up to some of the countless romantic comedies that it inspired, while also feeling a bit overlong by the end, which drags out its predictable conclusion.

Ian C (de) wrote: I would have prefered to be trapped in one of Jigsaws games than have sat through this. The story gets more and more ridiculous. Thank fuck I have just one more left to watch.

Brent G (de) wrote: My favorite portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. It had a slow start, but towards the end I didn't need Sherlock to solve the mystery of why my face was so wet.