Rancho Notorious

Rancho Notorious

A cowboy infiltrates a bandit hideout in search of his girlfriend's killer.

A western based on the story "Gunsight Whitman" by Silvia Richards. Vern Haskell, a nice rancher, seeks out to avenge his fiancé's death when she is killed during a robbery. His revenge ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shena J (es) wrote: I truly enjoyed this movie, the only thing lacking was an ending that depicts if he made the right decisions. Had it had that I might have given it 5 stars.

bill b (mx) wrote: :) somthing light... with zemons (zombie demons) Teenagers stuff but its kinda entertaining :)

Anthony A (us) wrote: Being apart of a great horror film franchise, this movie did not cut the cake. The story seemed to be way off from the Ringu movies and even the American remakes, the movie in itself wasn't anything impressive. Even the new, grotesque Sadako's were interesting in design, but not all too scary and way off from the original Sadako. Plus, there were multiple of them that were easily defeated by a scream. If you missed out on this film, you didn't miss out on anything important that has to relate to the Ring horror franchise!

Ibrahim M (jp) wrote: At times a little overacted and overblown, this movie wasn't too bad. This movie is definitely a propaganda film. Very, very pro-Georgia. Not to say they weren't screwed over by the Russians, but the movie got a bit too fantastical toward the end.

Jake A (de) wrote: This utterly misguided Western is pretty much devoid of any positives so they will be dealt with first. The cast (apart from Johnny Depp) are decent, the locations are solid and a couple of action scenes (though somewhat idiotic) are ok at best. The rest of the film is stupidly and needlessly long, Depp as a casting choice for Tonto was a huge mistake, the script is bland, the plot is predictable, the humour is childish, it is tonally all over the place, though the action is ok at times a lot of it is either nonsensical or improbable and it just generally feels like a Western version of Pirates of the Caribbean. I am glad that this film bombed at the box office because it now means we don't have to suffer anymore of this via a sequel which is what was clearly being set up with this film.

Zombie M (au) wrote: This is one of those hilariously bad movies. You have a few buddies over, drink and smoke some stuff and watch this movie while laughing when you're supposed to be screaming and yelling when you're supposed to be speechless. Bad acting, miscast roles, absolutely retarded plot, a completely pointless and lame lesbian 3-way scene, hilarious death scenes. Only one set piece from the original is reused in this sequel and it's very obvious that all other areas don't fit. There were supposed to be divulging paths that the viewer can choose at set times, the version I saw was just a straight run with no options for alternatives. Half the movie you'll be laughing, the other half you'll be yelling at the screen for it's stupidity.

Paul P (br) wrote: A great Guilty pleasure. Not super funny, but not dumb. A typical guy road trip across country. The best parts were with their nemesis, the tofu van.

Private U (jp) wrote: loved it, great movie...must have been the unstable emotinal state in which i saw it

Leo K (au) wrote: I was mighty impressed. I was expecting pretty low budget tacky stuff...which it sort of is but so much more decently done than I was expecting. Deeply unpleasant, lots of gory moments, some damn funny moments & and giant spider rampage. Crap B-movie gem of a find. Great stuff.

Steve S (mx) wrote: A truely feel-good movie for all ages. One of Swayze's best.

Scott J (it) wrote: Goofy Gonzo Grindhouse Goodness

Michael W (gb) wrote: Along with the original Longest Yard, the best sports comedy with a lot of profanity and on-ice violence. Written by Ogie Oglethorpe's sister and features mostly minor league hockey players from Johnstown PA in the supporting roles. Another top notch pairing of George Roy Hill and Paul Newman.

Shaun B (nl) wrote: Certifiably so-bad-it's-good cheesy AND campy mid-80s sci-fi thriller. There is a chase scene involving police cruisers vs. motor scooters. That should be enough info to determine whether you're gonna sit down to watch this crap or not.