Love triangle set against the backdrop of World War II.

A love triangle forms against the backdrop of the Second World War. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Rangoon torrent reviews

Dean S (ca) wrote: Fun movie. The main character is a bit too mellow for the role, but overall entertaining.

Maxine L (kr) wrote: I just can't believe how bad this film is, I love Harry on TV and totally 'get' his humour but this really doesn't come off. It has a ridiculous plot and terrible sketches. I really wanted to like it but it was dire, really Harry should stick to what he is good at. With such a great cast it should have been laughs all round, unfortunately not.

Divine S (es) wrote: l0ve it...nicely done! cute ni luke at krista

Pondering T (au) wrote: About twenty minutes into this film, I had a really bad feeling.... maybe it was the soundtrack that was a constant (annoyance) throughout. Maybe it was the fact that twenty minutes into the movie, I already knew the ending... or maybe it was the fact that at the twenty minute mark I was already dreading the fact that there was still an hour and a half to go... I can see this movie doing very well as a mainstream wide release, for it is definately a movie that is mainstream material, and the audience I was in clapped at the end, so it was avious I was probably in the minority with my dislike of this film, but for me (and this will sound totally pretensious ... but who cares), when I spend my money on an expensive pass to a film festival, I hope to see movie that challenge me, make me look at something a different way, or at the very least plays with my mind and perceptions of things.... This movie did none of these, unless you could my eyes playing in my head at the constant rolling they did as each cliched scene passed by.....

Lee M (br) wrote: This stoner romp is great farcical fun, even if it never seems to get anywhere.

Matthew J (au) wrote: It's clever, funny and extremely well acted. Tristram Shandy is the best way to film a novel reckoned unfilmable.

steve p (fr) wrote: Compelling documentary about 10 hostages taken on a bus in Brazil by a homeless street boy turned mugger. Like many street kids in Brazil they have to survive the best they can and often suffer at the hands of the police. In this story we see the deeper social issues relating to Sandro's upbringing which has lead to this final showdown and see just how poorly trained the police were in coping with the situation.

Dax S (kr) wrote: Amazing movie, a shame that Dicaprio didn't win an oscar for it.

Robert M (fr) wrote: I guess James Gunn had to get his start somewhere.

Tim B (de) wrote: Mickey Rourke is a badass in this movie. But he is a badass in every movie he is in.

Karsh D (it) wrote: Awful, shambolic sequel. Everything that is bad of the Horror film genre is packed into 90 minutes of pure bile. Not scary, not tense, predictable and tacky.

Vitor A (br) wrote: PT SUBSBANNED Version

Rus D (br) wrote: In spite of the fact that this movie is propaganda, it has the best cinematography I've ever seen.

Mark D (nl) wrote: Entertaining and nostalgic. Cushing is irritating and im not a fan of Doug McClure but still it is innovative in places and great for the kids.

Tony L (ru) wrote: Good movie... is it right to frame one of your own to save many? Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few? During a trial in a POW camp these questions must be answered... this is the best roll Colin Farrell has played in my opinion... set during WWII this movie is a great drama...

Camille L (mx) wrote: Nous sommes dans les annes 60 et Woody Allen dmarre sa carrire cinmatographique par le script de What's New Pussycat, un pachyderme de comdie romantique avec Peter Sellers et Peter O'Toole qui se batte pour le prix du plus cabotin (ils sont battus plate couture par Jacques Balutin dans le climax sympathique du film) et une semi-tonne d'actrices faire-valoirs comme Capucine, Ursula Andress et mme Romy Schneider. Le film de Clive Donner fait parfois mouche grce des rpliques piquantes et des situations dlirantes, mais laisse souvent traner des gags pathtiques ou des situations gnantes, que ce soit pour les personnages comme pour les spectateurs. What's New Pussycat est une comdie bien trop longue et bien trop hystrique pour passer l'preuve des annes.

Peter W (es) wrote: Great story of Jazz legend Chet Baker, premiered at TIFF 2015