Saraswathiyamma is the head of a noble family that treats her servant Krishnan as one of her own sons. When her relatives conspire to sell her house, she and Krishnan set out to save it.

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Virgilio L (us) wrote: Gripping story, keeps ya twisting and not knowing where you gonna end up

Julian L (gb) wrote: 1) look at the poster2) disregard it3) watch 15 seconds4) get mesmerised5) stay engrossed for a little less than an hour6) watch the credits7) Hong Kong is the new HollywoodStylistic steam punk sherlock holmes styled. Eough said. Proud to be Asian.

Jon N (br) wrote: Take the excellent faces of death series and mix it together with a shaky Blair witch style footage, sadly the film has been distorted to a point where it's very hard to see emotion and reaction to any of the crimes committed.

thanapol l (es) wrote: what can i say? i like its original manga and Masami Nagasawa.

Jonathan H (jp) wrote: Once again, Marc Fratto is able to hook and reel the viewer in helplessly. His work is simply brilliant on many levels, with a budget that is supposed to produce much less. I seriously hope he gets to work with some real money soon. If you enjoyed this movie, check out his earlier work, 'Strange Things Happen At Sundown'. A bit less refined, yet just as impressive feat by this very talented writer/director, whose skill is apparent throughout. Pay close attention to this man's work and be rewarded...

Tuna V (nl) wrote: Bulgaristan ve 89 da Trklerin isimlerini de?i?time politikas, asimilasyona ?imdiye kadar kimse de?inmemi?ti. Ynetmene tebrikler, ?u gnlerde yldz parlayan Nejat ?lerde role ok uymu?

Charlie A (au) wrote: Not as good as the first three but equally entertaining and fun. There's a feeling of nostalgia for fans of the series. I liked that there are ties to the series and little hints here and there about where Indy had been doing all these years. There are a lot of over the top moments but it wouldn't be an Indy film if there weren't. I don't know what the deal is giving all of our heroes sons (Superman being the other) I think that ages the character even more and it's not the same. The swinging of the monkeys and the sci-fi stuff was not to my liking but it can be a good change from the supernatural elements that have been done before. Overall a great ride for fans like myself that have been waiting years for this.

Greg R (ca) wrote: Does the premise even sound like this is going to be a good movie?

Levonne P (de) wrote: Great movie! I love Val kilmer, and am also a BIG fan of Graham Greene...he is an excellent actor!

Kris W (ca) wrote: Very predictable catch a killer movie, but great cast (Willem Dafoe, Fred Ward, Scott Glenn) makes it worth viewing.

Chris B (br) wrote: A movie so corny and cheesy it's hilarious!

Colin F (ru) wrote: This film really is rubbish, again though it starts to fall into the category of its so bad it is worth a look. Some of the scenes in it are unbelievable (you would not get away with those freak scenes today!)! And looks like its been made on a budget of 20! One of the plus points of this film is to see Tom Baker in his pre-Doctor Who days as a mad freak with a bad haircut! The cake destroying scene is so funny, I would try and explain the plot, but I haven??t really got a clue what its about! Donald Pleasance would have been better leaving this one off his CV!

Jonathan D (au) wrote: For such an silly, fluffy movie, Speed Racer needed more self-aware campy humor to be enjoyable. As it is, it bores in stretches and can't decide whether to take itself too seriously or not seriously at all. Had it fully embraced the latter, it could have been a lot of fun. As it is, the visuals are inventive and impressive, Lost's Matthew Fox is awesome (he alone, as the deep-voiced and impossibly macho "Racer X", seems to understand the type of cheesy fun this movie should be), and Christina Ricci is lovely, so it's not a total loss. It's just not a movie that I'd watch again. **1/2 (out of five).

Bill B (de) wrote: Okay, to be fair, this isn't a very good movie. But it is amusing and stylish, and features some Halle Berry nudity alongside John Travolta chewing scenery left, right and center, with Hugh Jackman as a sexy hunk of a computer hacker (y'know, like they all are, right?) forced into helping them rob a bank.It's silly as hell and a lot of fun, give it a rental.

Mark P (ca) wrote: This still holds suspense though dated now