Rasathanthram tells the story of Premachandaran(Mohanlal)  who is a carpenter with a few secrets and lives along with his father Balan Master(Bharath Gopi) and works along with his friend Manikandan (Innocent). They are now working in a house near the house of a rich landlord. Kanmani (Meera Jasmine), who was sold by her mother works in that house as a servant and is ill-treated.One night, Premachandran goes to his workplace to take his tools. He sees Kanmani moving out of the house and gets puzzled. He follows her. She was on the verge on committing suicide. he decides to save her from the hell and promises her a job somewhere far away.But the police are looking for her everywhere and he had to hide her somehow. That is when they chance upon the idea of disguising her as a man. Kanmani fall in love with Premachandran but he doesn’t reciprocate—she couldn’t understand why

Premachandran is a good carpenter well-versed in Thachu-Shastra (Science of Carpentry). He is sought after by many for being true to his profession. Having a painful past and shunned by the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sana N (br) wrote: I loved the characters in this movie more then I enjoyed the plot. The female leads are both mature, confident and savvy young women. They are great role models for young india. The male lead was a little slow, but adorable none-the-less. I loved how expressive his character was. It made it easy to root for him. And uncle-ji, lol, awesome parental figure. He's there to offer an opinion, but doesn't get too involved (unless he's doing business). He makes no judgements. All in all, the ensemble was great, the story a little muddled. The ending wasn't really clear cut. But I do appreciate that it introduces another way of living in traditional indian culture. Definitely recommend this movie.

Daniel L (mx) wrote: Hell yeah I'm watching this! Will Ferrell as a Mexican...fricken hilarious!

Wes S (br) wrote: The plot is disastrous, and the characters stink, but what more can you really expect from this made-for-Syfy movie? The effects are okay in some scenes, and terrible in others. The horse is pretty ridiculous at times. Some cheesy fun at times, mostly a dud.

Eliabeth S (ru) wrote: No lies, I actually enjoyed this. :-P A bit slow at parts, and could definitely have been tighter, but it has some funny moments and some good minor characters.

Lisa B (kr) wrote: good but got bored halfway through

Matt T (mx) wrote: This emotionally gripping examination of a marriage on the rocks isn't always easy to watch, but Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling give performances of unusual depth and power.

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jay n (br) wrote: Silly and nonsensical but except for Chevy Chase acting like a total moron for most of the running time not that bad.

Cecile K (jp) wrote: Who doesn't love this movie!!

Denis K (br) wrote: un bon film d'aventure dans lequel Ventura et Delon sont parfaits

Nandi C (de) wrote: The first time I saw this, I fell in love. An oriental musical and cast about a mail order bride who ends up in San Francisco from China, to claim her groom but ends up in a twist along the way. Miyoshi Umeki, who recently passed away plays the mail order bride. Interesting musical. Great scores A Hundred Million Miracles, Chop Suey, I Enjoy Being a Girl among others.

GennyRaye L (au) wrote: Not too many people might remember this one, but it is a good movie.

Greg W (jp) wrote: a spoof of 1942's 'my favorite blonde' which was a spoof of detective pix.

Ice R (ru) wrote: Using Katherine Hepburn as a CHINESE woman ruins this.

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Lukas B (au) wrote: Exemplified by a wholesome performance by Macaulay Culkin and some truly hilarious slapstick, Home Alone remains a holiday classic that balances the comedy with heartfelt writing and charming direction.

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Chihoe H (es) wrote: The second half was much better than the first that laid most of the groundwork. Some parts were dreary and drawn out too long, but the movie was very moving and informative.